Fine Photography – Paul Bastian

Not so long ago, we inaugurated Fine Photography on the Shipping News to honour local and Fremantle connected photographers of note.

Each feature displays a gallery of their work, chosen by them, and a podcast of our discussion with them about their careers and their work. It all makes for fascinating viewing and listening.

To date we have featured photographers Kerry Faulkner, Seng Mah, Lidia D’Opera, Brett Leigh Dicks, Simon Cowling, Wade and Robyn Hughes, Deanna Shanahan, Tony McDonough, Georgina Barker, Tony Hewitt and Nigel Gaunt. Here we are pleased to bring you the work of Paul Bastian.

Paul Bastian retired from his medical practice 10 years ago and since then has been able to indulge his lifelong passion for photography that began when he received his first camera, a Box Brownie, at the age of 12.

Paul Bastion

While a self-described ‘enthusiastic amateur’, Paul’s skill and commitment to photography has been recognised in competition and sales.

His travel photography is particularly striking. But his interests extend into macro photography, portraiture and monochrome.

Here’s a gallery of some of Paul’s photographs.

Paul was a top 20 finalist in both photo of the year and travel in the Australian Photography magazine 2016 and successful in various WA state competitions, as well as a finalist in the British CUPOTY competition 2019, and runner up for portfolio in the WA photographic federation Clickwest 2021.

Paul’s website is a great place to see more.

Our Editor, Michael Barker, was pleased to catch up with Paul Bastian to make this podcast about his work, and especially the images in the gallery.


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Here’s the PODCAST. Enjoy!