Fine Photography – Kerry Faulkner

In Fine Photography, the Shipping News features photographers of note from in and around Fremantle.
Each week we introduce a photographer and share a range of their work, both from their archives and from the here and now.
Both in colour and in black and white.
Both on film and developed digitally.
Both men and women.
Subjects various.
With insights from the artists.
What more could you ask? (Well, if there is something, please email us!)

This week we feature Kerry Faulkner.

Kerry is a journalist and photographer, and educator.

Her website is to be found at Kerry Faulkner Journalist.

Kerry’s bio includes a string of awards for both journalism and photography, including –

  • Best Freelance Journalist 2016, 2015 & 2014, West Australian Media Awards.
  • Consistent Excellence in Journalism, 2000 Perth Press Club Awards.
  • Featured Photographer, The Street Collective collaborative exhibition, The Bunker Gallery, Perth, July 5, 2019.
  • Selected Photographer, 2019 Loud and Luminous Exhibition, Canberra and Sydney.
  • Selected Photographer, Australian Association of Street Photographers 2019 Street Beats Exhibition, Melbourne.
  • Selected Photographer, Exposed Exhibition by Unexposed Collective at Head On, Sydney, May 2019.

Of her approach to her work, Kerry says –

“I’m a journalist and journalism teacher but my focus lately has shifted considerably to visual stories through photography; street photography and photojournalism. I love photographing people; from rodeo beauty queens to drag racing fans, from fashionistas on the race field to the jetty jumpers at Coogee. And then more recently, I have begun looking in the water, under the jetties to see humans at play below the ocean surface through the lens of my new quirky Leica XU.


None of my pictures are posed – they capture the scene as it is, and I want to take pictures that make me feel something; be energised or angry or a little sad or contemplative. For me, any feeling is better than none. I hope something you see here moves you too.”

We just love the colour and vibrancy, and the non-judgmentalism in Kerry’s shots.

Our Editor, Michael Barker, had the opportunity to talk with Kerry about her photography and the particular photographs she chose for this presentation of Fine Photography.

Listen now to Kerry explain her works and approach. She is so wonderfully open about her work and really takes you on a journey inside her photographs. Enjoy.