Thursday 16th August from Port Kelang, Malaysia
DEPARTURE Wednesday 15th August @ 2000 hrs for Melbourne
Freo Gig Guide in Gig Guide
The optimal Freo Gig Guide has arrived here on FSN. We have our eyes on the edges, our ears to the ground and our network buzzing to bring you the latest gig news each week.
10 Great things to do in Fremantle this week in Life, Law & Culture
We've rounded up all the very best things happening in Fremantle this week.
Busy Melbourne Freeway
Making small cities bigger will help better distribute Australia’s 25 million people in Life, Law & Culture
In the 70s, Whitlam tried to build new, big cities. But this was too costly. Now the most viable solution for Australia's population woes is to make existing cities bigger.

The ‘great Australian silence’ 50 years on

It’s 50 years since the anthropologist WEH Stanner gave the 1968 Boyer Lectures — a watershed moment for Australian history. Stanner argued that Australia’s sense of its past, its very collective memory, had been built on a state of forgetting, which couldn’t “be explained by absent mindedness”: It is a structural matter, a view from a window which has been carefully placed to exclude a whole quadrant of the landscape. What may well have begun as a simple forgetting of other possible views turned under habit and over time into something like a cult of forgetfulness practised on a national…
Seen on a Saturday evening in Seen in Freo
A clear Winter’s day on South Mole. A hint of Spring in the air. The weekend. A time of relaxation; much fishing, Harley riding, walking, talking, eating to be done.
Seen Portside in Seen in Freo
We love this Port where the ships loom large. We simply can’t stay away. A few snaps from Portside..
Seen with Oats Supply in Seen in Freo
FSN was wildly excited to be invited to photograph all the ‘groovy young things’ that turned up to the Newport to see ‘Oats Supply’. Not since the 80’s have we seen so many headbands and leg warmers. Absolutely fabulous band.
The secret to Aldi’s success is choosing what not to do in Life, Law & Culture
Freo has Coles (the plastic bag supermarket), Woolies (the no plastic bag supermarket) and Aldi (not to mention IGA - where do they sit on plastic bags?). This article covers what their business models are all about.
FSN WANTS YOU! in Shipping News
Fremantle Shipping News is pleased to invite expressions of interest from Freo people and Freo-minded people who would like to…

Creating the Illusion of Space

Research shows humans don’t like being caged in, preferring to be in larger, more open spaces. And different factors – such as the shape of rooms, the colour of surfaces and the positioning and brightness of lighting – all influence how we perceive space. These are the elements designers and architects consider when creating spaces. And there are several tips you can use yourself to make your apartment, or any living space, seem roomier. Extending space If your apartment has outside views, you should use these. By facing living areas and furniture towards the window or balcony, the outside landscape…
Freo Grooves in Fremantle People
Well, we know that. But here's proof! In their book, Freo Groove: Musicians of Fremantle published by UWA Publishing, to…
CLOSE-UP – Performance by Seamus Jim Hughes and Guests in Life, Law & Culture
Close-up is an attempt to bring both the audience and the performer together in an intimate shared experience of performance,…
The Fremantle artists who found new ways of seeing the everyday in Life, Law & Culture
FSN loved this article written by Professor Ted Snell. The article was written in 2014 and discusses the ‘Fremantle Realists’ exhibition that was held at the Fremantle Arts Centre at that time.

Jim Ryan – Great Grandson of Captain George Anthony of the Catalpa

Get onboard at the Maritime Museum, Fremantle to hear this ‘one-off’ story from a direct descendant of Captain George Anthony – Jim Ryan of New Bedford USA. His account will feature personal photos and Catalpa memorabilia. In 1876 a daring rescue took place from the beach at Rockingham. Six Irish political prisoners, Fenians, escaped from Fremantle Prison to be whisked away on an American Whaling ship, the Catalpa. It’s the most amazing local story that hasn’t yet become a Hollywood blockbuster. The escape was played out in Fremantle, Bunbury and Rockingham. It involved...  an American in Fremantle posing as a…

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