Thursday 20th June @ 0430 hrs from Singapore
DEPARTURE Thursday 20th June @ 1830 hrs for Bunbury
Can a sperm donor be a legal parent? In landmark decision, the High Court says yes in Life, Law & Culture
On Wednesday, the High Court handed down a landmark decision that confirmed parentage rights to a man who donated his…
Stockholm Sweet But Not Coffee Central in Life, Law & Culture
Over the past number of years it has been customary to suggest Perth, in the sense of the internationally known…
Winter Warmer: The Freo Winter Coffee Ritual in Life, Law & Culture
In the weekend just gone we had three surprises. First, Bob Hawke died. It was sad news which took the…
Seen at HMAS Success – Freedom of Entry March in Seen in Freo
A great, wet morning in the City saw the Mayor, Dr Brad Pettit grant the freedom of the City to the Success, who was in Port on her last visit. Many of the denizens of the City braved the weather. Not mere fair weather sailors, these!
Seen on Remembrance Day in Seen in Freo
A moving Service to commemorate the centenary of the Armistice that ended WWI brought together many generations, each making the occasion memorable in their own way.
Seen at Maritime Day in Seen in Freo
Everything happened on Maritime Day Sunday 28 October 2018
Step Feet First Into the Question: ‘What would I do to survive?’ in Life, Law & Culture
S-27, by Sarah Grochala, delves into how far people go and who they will betray to save themselves when things…
Reflection on Life With and Without Cars in Life, Law & Culture
Cars were rare in the small coastal town where I spent my early years. When one of us free range kids noticed one heading our way the cry “Car! Car! Car!” would go up and the gang would rush to the road to stare as it tonked past.
Shipping News Ship Spotter Snapped in Shipping News
The Shipping News' great snapper, Deanna Shanahan, and a former FSN snapper, Maria Wilson, have themselves been snapped by Fremantle Port snappers, if you get our drift. 

EU sued at International Criminal Court over Mediterranean migration policy – as more die at sea

In the same week that more migrant lives were lost at sea, the EU’s migration policy in the Mediterranean has been brought to the attention of the International Criminal Court (ICC). It emerged on June 3 that the ICC had received a legal submission calling for the EU and some of its member states to face prosecution for enacting migration policies “intended to sacrifice the lives of migrants in distress at sea”. The sharply worded submission was brought by international lawyers who have asked the ICC to open an investigation into EU migration policies and whether a prosecution could be…
Media freedom joins the current ‘freedoms’ agenda in Life, Law & Culture
Scott Morrison is very concerned to protect freedom of religion, and many Liberals tell us we don’t have enough safeguards…
Lots happening at Fremantle Arts Centre in Life, Law & Culture
Fremantle Arts Centre has five brand new exhibitions opening, and there is something for everyone! Acclaimed artist James Angus will…
SNEAK PEEK #4 in Life, Law & Culture
Each week we’ll be featuring an artist included in the Help the Homeless Art Auction. This week the featured artist is Reg Mombassa.

NEWS FLASH – MONSTER EVENT!! Hidden Treasures Goes Global; Forges Takeover Of Freo Festival

Well sort of. The Fremantle Festival, under the banner of '10 Nights In Port', is due to give Freo people and Freo lovers near and far as much winter artistic activity in mid-July as they could possibly ask for: contemporary music, theatre, visual arts, film and live performance. The Shipping News' favourite, the fabulous Hidden Treasures, in its ninth year, becomes part of the Festival. Start organising your friends and securing tickets, for those events that aren't free, soon. Here's a rundown of the Festival highlights and dates. Glass Houses and Green Futures Friday 12 - Thursday 18 July - Free Glass…

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