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DEPARTURE Friday 22nd November @ 1700 hrs for Singapore
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Fremantle Biennale – Jessee Lee Johns’ South Mole Resort at Commonwealth of New Bayswater in Architecture + Urban Design
Jessee Lee Johns, a Freo artist, has come up with one of the most original ideas the Fremantle Biennale is ever…
The FSN Interviews in Life, Law & Culture
From the launch of the Shipping News (coming up three years ago this March), we have been posting often illuminating…
Harbour Hassles; Nothing New – The Great Port Debate continues in Shipping News
Today, it seems, everyone has a view as to where the State’s gateway harbour near Fremantle should be. So, ‘Yes,…

The Box That Changed The World – The Cool Container Combo

Forgive our weak effort at alliterating to snatch your attention. But there is something you need to see! There is a free outdoor exhibition running until April 2020 at the Maritime Museum, Fremantle. It really is worth getting along to discover how the humble shipping container has revolutionised the way we live! You get to learn about shipping, ports, cargo, the impact of containerisation on the ocean, the origins of everyday objects and even container architecture. We most of all liked the container showing architecture, how the container has been converted into liveable, usable - even attractive - human spaces.…
“Life’s a Dog Beach” – Photographic Exhibition by Neil Wallace in Beaches
Neil Wallace speaks of his two year project of recording the daily life of canines and their owners on South…
Seen In the streets in Seen in Freo
Who says nothing ever happens in the quiet streets of Freo? We have water works everywhere!
Seen in and around the port and old Freo today in Seen in Freo
Seen In and around the Port and Old Freo today.
And So It Is (Nearly) Christmas – Do Retailers Care About The Ethical… in Life, Law & Culture
And So It Is (Nearly) Christmas Do retailers care about the ethical standings of the brands they want to sell…
Shifting the Pendulum in Life, Law & Culture
The Hon Ken Wyatt AM MP is the Commonwealth Minister for Indigenous Australians, the first Indigenous Australian to hold this…
What is a ‘mass extinction’ and are we in one now? in Life, Law & Culture
The Earth has experienced five periods of mass extinction. Scientists can't quite be certain yet, but they're fairly sure we're now well into the sixth.

Is your coffee order sustainable?

Freo has its own coffee culture. No doubt about it. See our recent story and interview with Ollie here. One question lingers, with the coffee flavours, though - How sustainable is our coffee culture? The piece that follows asks and seeks to answer precisely that question. It’s a good read. Carbon cafe: what is the most sustainable coffee order?
Republic of Fremantle – Interview With John McVeigh in Architecture + Urban Design
We suspect most Freo People saw the huge white banner overhanging Cantonment Hill a couple Friday’s back, proudly proclaiming ‘The…
Lucky By The Ocean – Wednesday Night Sundowners at Kidogo Arthouse in Life, Law & Culture
Fresh from launching his album of Hank Williams songs recorded with Paul Kelly, Vika and Linda, Tex Perkins, Kasey and…
Going Organic, Getting Organic in Life, Law & Culture
If you love food and want to find good, fresh ‘organic’ food in and around Fremantle, at a good price,…

Coffee Culture – Freo Style

Now, I know this is dangerous territory to enter upon, that is, defining, or attempting to define, Fremantle’s coffee culture. Old Papa’s and Papa Luigi’s - gone but not forgotten - are usually credited with getting coffee into our blood. Gino’s, is also right up there. But, as I can attest from my fieldwork, it doesn’t much matter where you start your research around Freo - at the beginning of High Street, near the Roundhouse; all the way through the Cappuccino Strip; onwards along South Terrace past Wray Avenue; or winding up on the strip between South Street and Douro…

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