Tuesday 20th August @ 0400 hrs from Singapore
DEPARTURE Tuesday 20th August @ 1430 hrs for Brisbane
The Case For Poetry: Dante’s INFERNO in Life, Law & Culture
“Midway through the journey of my life I found myself lost in a dark forest, Having wandered off the main…
Will the High Court ruling on public servant’s tweets have a ‘powerful chill’ on free speech? in Life, Law & Culture
The decision confirms the steady march of employer control over workers' private views and activities, supported by courts and tribunals over many years.
Interview with Tom Múller in Fremantle People
Tom Múller is both an acclaimed artist and an arts administrator and entrepreneur. He is the Director Programs of PS Arts Space in Packenham Street, Fremantle and the Artistic Director and co-founder of the Fremantle Biennale.

Tony and the pig fat

I met Tony, some moons ago, when I lived aboard an old wooden boat in the Fishing Boat Harbour. ‘Nikki’ was built in 1963, by the Sambrailo bothers, in Mews Road and spent most of her working life fishing around Jurian Bay, coaxed along by a Perkins diesel, the sort you’d find in one of London’s old double decker buses. Her high, flared bow happily ploughed Nikki through any seas. Antonio ‘Tony’ Pozzebon was a diesel mechanic who kept most of the fishing fleet moving and Nikki’s old Perkins beating. He charged very little to bang around in the engine…
Seen in and around the port and old Freo today in Seen in Freo
Seen In and around the Port and Old Freo today.
Seen at Freo Port Walk in Seen in Freo
An enjoyable and informative inaugural Fremantle Port Walk took place yesterday, many thanks to Fremantle Ports.
Seen in Fisherman’s Wharf in Seen in Freo
The breathtaking light of Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour this morning on my way to the Port.
High Court challenge in Kooyong and Chisholm unlikely to win, but may still land a blow in Life, Law & Culture
Winning the case will be difficult, because it's not enough to show the posters were misleading – the petitioners will need to show it affected the outcome in the seat.
John Henderson No. 1623 in Life, Law & Culture
My interest in convicts and transportation to Western Australia began with the discovery that my great, great, grandfather, John Henderson,…

1 in 5 Australians is a victim of ‘revenge porn’, despite new laws to prevent it

A Perth man who pleaded guilty to distributing an intimate image of his ex-girlfriend without her consent has been sentenced to a 12-month intensive supervision order, sparing him jail time. According to media reports, Mitchell Brindley repeatedly created fake Instagram accounts under the name of his ex-girlfriend and posted nude photographs of her on the site. Brindley is the first to be convicted under new laws that came into effect in Western Australia in April. The new laws carry a maximum possible sentence of three years in jail and fines of up to A$18,000. Mitchell Brindley…
More On The Warders’ Side Of The Fenian escape in Shipping News
Recently, we received an update from Maureen Lindsey Paine, a descendant of one of the officials referred to in the…
What’s not to like? Instagram’s trial to hide the number of ‘likes’ could save users’ self-esteem in Life, Law & Culture
Instagram's experimental move to hide the 'like' count on social media postings could lighten the mental strain for many users - or simply turn comments into the new likes.
Dog Exercises – Or Human Exercises With Dog in Life, Law & Culture
Near South Beach and Port and Leighton Beaches there are wonderful beaches where dogs can exercise. At most times of…

Readers’ Views On Fences – Do Fence Me In!

We recently posted an interesting take on the anti social nature of Fences in residential areas and invited the comments of Shippees. If you go to our Facebook page you will see a number of comments on the post, generally on support of fences. While some of you  liked the points made in article, others saw issues with security if you can't have them. Pathika, from Hilton, has also written to us saying how much she loves her fence - and why. Here's what she has to say, replete with photographs to make her point. "I love my fence on…

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