Tuesday 25th February @ 1800 hrs from Albany
DEPARTURE Sunday 8th March @ 1201 hrs for Exmouth
VESSEL DETAILS Research vessel
Don’t Miss The Diver – Best Australian Short Film Winner, At Flickerfest Thursday night in Life, Law & Culture
Michael Leonard and Jamie Helmer, the brains and braun behind the film production company, Golden Moss Films, are short film…
Looking for love on a dating app? You might be falling for a ghost in Life, Law & Culture
The Shipping News has it on good authority that dating apps are very widely used and not to be scoffed at. But are we Freo Folk who use them actually meeting real people, or only figments of our own imaginations?
From The Terrace – Arty Tarty in Life, Law & Culture
From The Terrace is a regular column taking a light look at Fremantle life through the eyes of a semi-fictional quintet who meet weekly at a café and pontificate about an array of subjects.

RV Falkor – Some Facts & Stats

There’s this dinky little boat tied up at Victoria Quay at the moment, apparently until 8 March, called the Research Vessel Falkor. When we say ‘little’, well she’s 83 metres long. Not tiny. Here’s a nice file shot of her. Once a fishing boat, she was converted a while ago into an ocean research vessel by and for the Schmidt Ocean Institute. Schmidt Ocean Institute was created by Eric and Wendy Schmidt in 2009 to enable research that expands understanding of the world’s ocean using advanced technology, intelligent observation, and…
More detail – Coronavirus Cruise Ship Changes Affecting Fremantle in Shipping News
There has been much reportage on changed cruise line itineraries due to the Coronavirus. Fremantle is to an extent a beneficiary of these changes. It seems to mean that the local cruise ship season will go longer this year, well into May 2020.
Radiance of the Seas – interesting Facts & Stats in Shipping News
Tomorrow, Tuesday 25 February 2020, we welcome back Radiance of the Seas, belonging to the Royal Caribbean cruise line, big…
Majestic Princess in Shipping News
Majestic Princess arrived in Fremantle Saturday and leaves today for Singapore, sans passengers, for dry-docking, as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.
Friday on my mind – Coronavirus, Cruise Ships & The Blue Planet in Life, Law & Culture
Oh my! Until a relatively few short weeks ago, only infectious disease researchers were familiar with the word ‘Coronavirus’. Now we all are.
Seen Leaving Port – QM2 and Her Many Admirers in Shipping News
North Mole and other vantage points were packed with well-wishers and admirers to see the elegant Queen Mary 2 sail off into a perfect Fremantle summer sunset.
Underneath view of aeroplane taking off
Major airlines say they’re acting on climate change. Research reveals how little they’ve achieved in Life, Law & Culture
We recently mentioned measuring your personal carbon footprint. It became clear that for those who fly regularly, flying is an overwhelming contributor. The question is, what can airlines do to reduce carbon emissions, and what are they doing?

Sunday, Sunday, a busy Port

Our busy Port guy, David Smyth, with camera in one hand and wine glass in the other, was at Food Truck Sunday at Victoria Quay again yesterday. He reports that “While at another enjoyable ‘Victoria Quay Food Truck Sunday’ I had the added bonus of seeing the Vacamonte tanker up close and personal on her way to refuel newly arrived Japanese fishing vessel ‘Hakuho Maru’. B-Shed was again a relaxed buzz of activities, lively music, and wining and dining for all ages (Well, not so much of the wining for the younger ones). The last of these Sundays is on…
Coronavirus causes cruise ship overflow at Fremantle in Shipping News
Crazy but interesting times for Fremantle ship-spotters serious and occasional. Fremantle is set to become something of a backup port…
Hungry Sundays at the Port in Life, Law & Culture
Well, it’s been happening at the Port and it’s happening again over each of the next two Sundays. The first…
How Big Is Your Carbon Footprint? in Life, Law & Culture
Everyone’s talking about carbon footprints at the moment.  Countries, large companies, small ones are all taking up the challenge. During…

Friday on my mind – A Sense of Place

Well, where to start? Perhaps with a warning. I’m getting older. Not too crotchety, I hope. But maybe a little melancholic, even sentimental. I saw A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood with my 13 year old granddaughter last week and think Mr Rogers/Tom Hanks pretty much got it right. We need to be nice to each other. And when we’re not feeling quite like being nice, we should take a long swim. Now let me tell you about last Saturday night. You see, I’m still imbued with the love that flowed at the second of the two Fire Aid concerts…

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