Monday 22nd July @ 0300 hrs from Laem Chabang
DEPARTURE Monday 22nd July for Adelaide
VESSEL DETAILS Vehicles carrier
Dog Exercises – Or Human Exercises With Dog in Life, Law & Culture
Near South Beach and Port and Leighton Beaches there are wonderful beaches where dogs can exercise. At most times of…
Readers’ Views On Fences – Do Fence Me In! in Life, Law & Culture
We recently posted an interesting take on the anti social nature of Fences in residential areas and invited the comments…
Saving Aussie Books – And Authors in Life, Law & Culture
Don't forget, if you are a Freo author or publisher, you may qualify for payments from the Commonwealth Government if…

Demolish your front fence. It would be an act of radical kindness

A few years ago, I reflected on years of doctoral field-notes documenting the homes of tinkerers — people with an extraordinary commitment to DIY living. It occurred to me that despite their DIY skills, few of these tinkerers had built or maintained front fences. In a culture where fences are fixtures in the urban landscape, these people tended not to have clear boundaries between their homes and the street, and their gardens spilled into civic space. This might be significant at a time of populist momentum to “build a wall” between nation-states, and when 65 million refugees are seeking new…
Seen at HMAS Success – Freedom of Entry March in Seen in Freo
A great, wet morning in the City saw the Mayor, Dr Brad Pettit grant the freedom of the City to the Success, who was in Port on her last visit. Many of the denizens of the City braved the weather. Not mere fair weather sailors, these!
Seen on Remembrance Day in Seen in Freo
A moving Service to commemorate the centenary of the Armistice that ended WWI brought together many generations, each making the occasion memorable in their own way.
Seen at Maritime Day in Seen in Freo
Everything happened on Maritime Day Sunday 28 October 2018
At last – Construction starts on Fremantle Line bike path extension in Life, Law & Culture
Work to extend the Fremantle Line Principal Shared Path (PSP) from Grant Street Station to Victoria Street Station, Cottesloe started earlier in…
Regardless of what the Federal Court says, you shouldn’t put ‘flushable’ wipes down the loo in Life, Law & Culture
Flushable wipes have won a victory in the Federal Court, but you still shouldn't put them down the toilet.
NAIDOC Week – What is NAIDOC – Where Did It Come From? in Life, Law & Culture
1920 – 1930 Before the 1920s, Aboriginal rights groups boycotted Australia Day (26 January) in protest against the status and…

An incredible journey: the first people to arrive in Australia came in large numbers, and on purpose

The size of the first population of people needed to arrive, survive, and thrive in what is now Australia is revealed in two studies published today. It took more than 1,000 people to form a viable population. But this was no accidental migration, as our work shows the first arrivals must have been planned. Read more: Australia's coastal living is at risk from sea level rise, but it's happened before Our data suggest the ancestors of the Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, and Melanesian peoples first made it to Australia as part of an organised, technologically advanced migration to start a…
Fed Square Melbourne – Lessons For Our Kings Square? in Architecture + Urban Design
Successful city squares act as nodes that connect places. They facilitate flows of people going about their daily lives through…
ACCC report into Google, Facebook and Australian news and advertising given to Government in Life, Law & Culture
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the ACCC, has given its final report on the Tech Giants and the possible…
High Court judgment still leaves donor-conceived families in limbo about who is a legal parent in Life, Law & Culture
Families formed using donor conception have, for a decade or more, assumed donors of sperm and eggs are not legal…

No Plastics A No Brainer – Plastic Free July Challenge

Plastic is a useful and valuable material, but the global ‘disposable culture’ of using once and disposing of plastic is contributing to an environmental crisis. Contemplate this: Virtually every piece of plastic ever manufactured still exists in some form today and plastic production has been projected to increase by 40% increase in the next decade. The Plastic Free July movement aligns with and helps organisations implement the UN Sustainable Development goals and aims to empower a social change to cut the demand for single-use plastics. Reducing waste and recycling is significantly more energy efficient than piling up landfill or trying…

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