Monday 27th January @ 1700 hrs
VESSEL DETAILS Passanger ship
Flotsam and Jetsam Bubble To The Top at Third Wheel in Shipping News
Between the two of them, Deanna and Maria have turned the Port, and what happens there, into an art form…
Getting to Zero: Looking after cyclists and pedestrians in Architecture + Urban Design
In 2019, Oslo, the capital of Norway, recorded zero cyclist and pedestrian fatalities. Vision Zero was introduced in 1997 by…
From the Terrace – Simply Food in Life, Law & Culture
FSN introduces From The Terrace – intended to be a regular column taking a light look at Fremantle life through the eyes of a semi-fictional quintet who meet weekly at a café and pontificate about an array of subjects.

Vasco da Gama coming Freo’s way

Currently Vasco da Gama is in Esperance on her way to Fremantle. Our super-snapper Deanna Shanahan, who is in Esperance, reports that Esperance deals with the arrivals by ferry so well, giving passengers a wonderful welcome with lots of friendly volunteers offering advice and assistance. Vasco da Gama is scheduled to arrive in Freo next Monday at 0430hrs for the early birds in Freo! See Deanna’s pictures of Vasco da Gama In Esperance here. And here’s a bit more about the ship. Vasco da Gama is a cruise ship currently owned and operated by Cruise & Maritime Voyages. Built for Holland America Line in 1993 as Statendam, it was transferred in November…
“Life’s a Dog Beach” – Photographic Exhibition by Neil Wallace in Beaches
Neil Wallace speaks of his two year project of recording the daily life of canines and their owners on South…
Seen In the streets in Seen in Freo
Who says nothing ever happens in the quiet streets of Freo? We have water works everywhere!
Seen in and around the port and old Freo today in Seen in Freo
Seen In and around the Port and Old Freo today.
The Peace Boat, Ocean Dream, is in town in Shipping News
In Port today, and for the next couple weeks, is Ocean Dream, the ship currently chartered by the Peace Boat…
Fancy Cruisers Crash Esperance On Way To Freo in Shipping News
FSN’s head photographer, Deanna Shanahan, is in Esperance getting the low down on the fancy cruise ships heading Fremantle’s way.…
Sun Princess – interesting facts and stats in Shipping News
Sun Princess is a Sun-class cruise ship built in 1995 and operated by Princess Cruises. At the time of her construction,…

Interesting Red Ship – Rio Madeira

The red container ship featured in today’s In Port - Rio Madeira- is new to Fremantle and has an interesting history. She’s fresh in from Port Chalmers, Dunedin, New Zealand and is on her way to Tanjung Pelepas, Johor, Malaysia. She is listed as running the Hamburg Sud Australia/New Zealand South East Asia (SENZ -Southern Loop) liner service. Although when one reads the Southern Loop route information Fremantle doesn’t appear as a docking port. Fremantle does appear, however, on the Hamburg Sud line AUSE 1 route for Southeast Asia - Australia, but not enroute from or to New Zealand. All…
Hello Ship-ees everywhere, Australia, the Americas, throughout Europe (East and West, including the UK for the time being), Africa, and…
GoToBermuda in Shipping News
It sounds like a command, I know, and why wouldn’t one want to escape our Western Australian heat just now…
Your Christmas shopping could harm or help the planet. Which will it be? in Life, Law & Culture
Australians spent $400 million on unwanted Christmas gifts last year. There must be a better way.

Expect family talks about climate change this Christmas? Take tips from Greta Thunberg

As bushfires rage and our cities lie shrouded in smoke, climate change is shaping as a likely topic of conversation at the family dinner table this Christmas. Such discussions can be fraught if family members hold differing views. You may not all agree on the urgency of dealing with climate change – or indeed whether it is happening at all. When I teach the art of argumentation – a core skill of critical thinking – I tell my students about the concept…

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