Monday 16th July @ 0614 hrs from Myara (BN)
DEPARTURE T.B.C for Darwin
VESSEL DETAILS Vehicles carrier
CLOSE-UP – Performance by Seamus Jim Hughes and Guests in Life, Law & Culture
Close-up is an attempt to bring both the audience and the performer together in an intimate shared experience of performance,…
10 Great things to do in Fremantle this week in Life, Law & Culture
We've rounded up all the very best things happening in Fremantle this week.
Freo Gig Guide in Gig Guide
The optimal Freo Gig Guide has arrived here on FSN. We have our eyes on the edges, our ears to the ground and our network buzzing to bring you the latest gig news each week.

The Fremantle artists who found new ways of seeing the everyday

There is a sense of elation when you see something familiar as if for the first time. Looking is one thing but seeing is something entirely different and for the three Western Australian artists identified as the Fremantle Realists – Marcus Beilby, Ken Wadrop, Ray Beattie – this process of seeing as revelation became their modus operandi. They were avowedly localist, rejecting the influence of international abstraction that had taken root in art schools in the early 1970s. Their work was the focus of an exhibition on display at the Fremantle Arts Centre in 2014. While still students Beilby, Wadrop, Beattie,…
Seen Portside in Seen in Freo
We love this Port where the ships loom large. We simply can’t stay away. A few snaps from Portside..
Seen with Oats Supply in Seen in Freo
FSN was wildly excited to be invited to photograph all the ‘groovy young things’ that turned up to the Newport to see ‘Oats Supply’. Not since the 80’s have we seen so many headbands and leg warmers. Absolutely fabulous band.
Seen at Leeuwin’s ‘Berthday’ Bash in Seen in Freo
The excitement was palpable when FSN arrived at the “Berthday Bash” for the return of the Leeuwin. She left on April 10 and headed to Monkey Mia.
Jim Ryan – Great Grandson of Captain George Anthony of the Catalpa in Life, Law & Culture
Get onboard at the Maritime Museum, Fremantle to hear this ‘one-off’ story from a direct descendant of Captain George Anthony…
Oats Supply | Winter leg warmer in Life, Law & Culture
Come along and get physical with the local legends of 80’s music - Oats Supply ! The boys in lycra…
Maritime Industry Gala Ball in Life, Law & Culture
The Inaugural Maritime Industry Ball in Support of Leeuwin Ocean Adventure is a celebration of the strong partnership between Leeuwin…
RTRFM Winter Music Festival Set Times in Gig Guide
RTRFM's annual Winter Music Festival takes over North Fremantle this Saturday June 16, featuring 36 acts over six venues including Mojo's and the North Fremantle Bowling Club.
Friday essay: Dark Emu and the blindness of Australian agriculture in Life, Law & Culture
What if Australia were to stop farming? The scandal of this thought goes beyond economics and into the very soul of the nation.
The art of healing: five medicinal plants used by Aboriginal Australians in Life, Law & Culture
People have lived in Australia for at least 65,000 years - in all those generations the land provided original Australians with everything they needed for a healthy life.

‘Plastic Free July’ Launch

Tuesday June 5 is World Environment Day. This very important day was established by the U.N General Assembly to encourage worldwide awareness of emerging environmental issues. It is also a day that encourages us to think about the ways in which we might take action to protect our environment. It is fitting that the very important ‘Plastic Free July’ challenge should be launched on this day. ‘Plastic Free July’ aims to raise awareness of the problems associated with single-use disposable plastic. The challenge is to think about the ways in which we can all make a difference. Have a look…

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