Thursday 20th September @ 0600 hrs from Shanghai
Dinosaurs or giraffes? in Shipping News
You can take your pick! Get down to Victoria Quay and watch them in action, day or night. Fremantle is…
10 Great things to do in Fremantle this week in Life, Law & Culture
We've rounded up all the very best things happening in Fremantle this week.
Freo Gig Guide in Gig Guide
The optimal Freo Gig Guide has arrived here on FSN. We have our eyes on the edges, our ears to the ground and our network buzzing to bring you the latest gig news each week.

The digital divide: small, social programs can help get seniors online

In Australia, use of the internet is almost universal. At last count, 86% of the population was digitally connected. Despite the continuing stereotype that many older people are not technologically savvy, or that they can’t learn new things, in 2015 79% of people aged 65 and over had used the internet compared to 6% in 2001. Increasingly, government services such as myGov and myagedcare rely on individuals having access to computers and the internet, and the knowledge of how to use them. Older adults who do not have these skills may therefore miss out on the services and support they…
Seen around Bathers Beach in Seen in Freo
Bathers Beach & Fishing Boat harbour are the perfect locations for a lazy sunny afternoon. The place actually belongs to the seagulls, but they allow humans to share it with them at times.
Seen on a Saturday evening in Seen in Freo
A clear Winter’s day on South Mole. A hint of Spring in the air. The weekend. A time of relaxation; much fishing, Harley riding, walking, talking, eating to be done.
Seen Portside in Seen in Freo
We love this Port where the ships loom large. We simply can’t stay away. A few snaps from Portside..
TEDx Fremantle in Life, Law & Culture
The inaugural TEDx Fremantle event will be held on Sunday 16th September from 3-8pm at the Drill Hall, University of Notre…
New Kid on the Block – The Newton in Shipping News
Svitzer Australia has recently added a new tug to its fleet servicing Fremantle’s inner harbour. Delivered in late May 2018,…


FSN are very pleased to offer two tickets to the 'Pipe Organ Plus Concert #3: Symphony' on September 2 @ The Basilica of St Patrick, presented by Dominic Perissionott. In his second solo concert for 2018 Dominic Perissionotto is about to demonstrate just how much the Basilica pipe organ can give in a carefully thought out programme entitled Symphony. The programme has two pieces: The Wasps: Overture by Vaughan Williams and Mahler’s magnificent Symphony Number 5. The Basilica of St Patrick is at 47 Adelaide Street, Fremantle. Subscribe now to FSN for your chance to win - if you're already…
The world’s ‘most liveable city’ title isn’t a measure of the things most of us actually care about in Life, Law & Culture
Despite the hype, the Global Liveability Index focuses on things that matter to expats, not citizens.
Busy Melbourne Freeway
Making small cities bigger will help better distribute Australia’s 25 million people in Life, Law & Culture
In the 70s, Whitlam tried to build new, big cities. But this was too costly. Now the most viable solution for Australia's population woes is to make existing cities bigger.
The ‘great Australian silence’ 50 years on in Life, Law & Culture
It’s 50 years since the anthropologist WEH Stanner gave the 1968 Boyer Lectures. Stanner argued that Australia’s sense of its past, its very collective memory, had been built on a state of forgetting, which couldn’t 'be explained by absent mindedness'.

The secret to Aldi’s success is choosing what not to do

Dick Smith has laid the blame for closing his Australian-made processed food lines squarely at the feet of Aldi Australia. He accused the German retailer of “extreme capitalism” and warned the CEOs of Woolworths and Coles that “unless your companies move towards [Aldi’s limited range and high proportion of private brands], you will very likely become uncompetitive”. But this betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of Aldi’s strategy and the limits of its appeal in the Australian market. An important element of Aldi’s strategy is a severely limited range of “preselected” products, overwhelmingly private brands. The company’s smaller range (some 1,500 store-keeping…

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