Saturday 15th December from Albany
DEPARTURE Monday 17th December for Fremantle
VESSEL DETAILS Passenger ship
Freo Gig Guide in Gig Guide
The optimal Freo Gig Guide has arrived here on FSN. We have our eyes on the edges, our ears to the ground and our network buzzing to bring you the latest gig news each week.
Digital platforms. Why the ACCC’s proposals for Google and Facebook matter big time in Life, Law & Culture
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has released the preliminary report of its Digital Platforms Inquiry, and Google and Facebook…
Book review – the tree in Life, Law & Culture
Every photographer around Australia, and certainly Western Australia, knows Richard Woldendorp's landscape photography. He is a photographer's photographer. And we,…

We asked five experts: should I lie to my children about Santa?

Ah yes, December. Christmas trees and decorations are popping up in shop windows, the weather is warming up, and the school holiday period looms. This may be exciting or distressing, depending on your relationship with your family. Not everyone celebrates Christmas. But, for those who do, you may find yourself lying to your children during the holidays about jolly old Saint Nick. But is there real harm in lying to your children to prop up a popular myth? And don’t you deserve the credit for buying all the presents? As adults we know Santa Claus isn’t real, but many of…
Seen on Remembrance Day in Seen in Freo
A moving Service to commemorate the centenary of the Armistice that ended WWI brought together many generations, each making the occasion memorable in their own way.
Seen at Maritime Day in Seen in Freo
Everything happened on Maritime Day Sunday 28 October 2018
Seen around Bathers Beach in Seen in Freo
Bathers Beach & Fishing Boat harbour are the perfect locations for a lazy sunny afternoon. The place actually belongs to the seagulls, but they allow humans to share it with them at times.
Making Australia a renewable energy exporting superpower in Architecture + Urban Design
An energy transmission network between Australia and Indonesia could help both nations achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2050.
Hungry Jacks burger joint closes in Architecture + Urban Design
Well, the least attractive burger joint in Freo has just closed. Some, if not many, are already lamenting the loss…
The Coming & Going of CBH’S Kwinana Loaders in Shipping News
CBH has grain loading terminals at Kwinana, Esperance, Albany and Geraldton. The Kwinana facility, the busiest of them, is part…

Book Review: The Coves

1849-1851, Sydney-town: a sodden, debauched and, above all, lawless place. David Whish-Wilson gives us a ripper, edge of the seat history lesson in his latest crime novel published by Fremantle Press. Sydney-town was a notorious precinct in the fledgling town of San Francisco, newly named in 1849 in response to western territories being wrested from Mexico and the gold rush. ‘Yella’ was the perfect magnet for the ex-convict Southlander and they came in their droves. Schooled by the lash and irons and drunk with their newly found freedom, casual violence paved the way to power for a criminal gang, known…
Can a Quokka Quack? A Very Freo Book in Life, Law & Culture
Jolly Read, a Freo-based author and journalist, has written and produced a quirky kids’ quokka story just in time for…
The Nightingale Fremantle Housing Project – What An Idea! in Architecture + Urban Design
EHDO and Fini Sustainability  received a planning permit in early 2018 for a small, mixed-use development of 15 apartments, 250…
What’s Happening Here? South Terrace and Little Lefroy Street Intersection. in Architecture + Urban Design
Recently, we drew attention to the remodelling of the intersection of South Terrace and Little Lefroy Street in South Fremantle.…

Movie Review – Widows

The slowest slow burn ever. Crime. Politics. People. Life. A heist. A little Coen Brothers, a little Hitchcock, a lot Steve McQueen. Something happens mid-movie and you can then relax, sort of. Nothing more need be said, really. But this is a movie review, so something more should be said. Or should it? Well, join the rush and find out. It’s a marvellous, almost old-fashioned piece of cinema. Great ensemble cast. Great directing. Great screenplay. Great acting. Some thought it a tad long; we thought it just right! Is it a feminist movie? Plenty to discuss. But spoiler alerts alert us…

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