Thursday 18th April
VESSEL DETAILS Livestock Carrier
SHACtivate! – A Great Way To Enjoy Election Day!! in Life, Law & Culture
White Gum Valley Eco Village artist community launches three weekends of community events from 18 May 2019. Sustainable Housing for…
Geoffrey Rush’s victory in his defamation case could have a chilling effect on the #MeToo movement in Life, Law & Culture
The judgement is a personal and legal vindication for the actor, but it may have unintended side effects for the #MeToo movement and the reporting of sexual harassment allegations.
Fremantle Wesley Church – A Place of Solitude, Beauty and Activity… in Life, Law & Culture
Fremantle Wesley Church - A Place of Solitude, Beauty and Activity in the Heart of Old Fremantle Look at the…
Seen at HMAS Success – Freedom of Entry March in Seen in Freo
A great, wet morning in the City saw the Mayor, Dr Brad Pettit grant the freedom of the City to the Success, who was in Port on her last visit. Many of the denizens of the City braved the weather. Not mere fair weather sailors, these!
Seen on Remembrance Day in Seen in Freo
A moving Service to commemorate the centenary of the Armistice that ended WWI brought together many generations, each making the occasion memorable in their own way.
Seen at Maritime Day in Seen in Freo
Everything happened on Maritime Day Sunday 28 October 2018
A detailed eucalypt family tree helps us see how they came to dominate Australia in Life, Law & Culture
Eucalypts have been in Australia for 45 million years. But hundreds of species appeared more recently than previously thought.
We asked five experts: should we nap during the day? in Life, Law & Culture
Often during the day I feel the need to have a bit of a lie-down. Whether it’s been a busy…
Book Review – River Of Salt in Life, Law & Culture
Well, if you missed the 60s, including because you were too young to be there or because you weren’t even…

New Biography – A Hazardous Life: Captain George AD Forsyth (1843-1894) Mariner and First Harbour Master for the Colony of Western Australia

Many, especially loyal Fremantle Shipping News readers, will be anxious to lay their hands on this new book, lovingly researched and written by Ron and Ian Forsyth, which was launched by Captain Allan Gray, the Port of Fremantle's current Harbour Master, on 26 March 2019 at the Port Authority building in Fremantle. Titled ‘A Hazardous Life: Captain George AD Forsyth (1843-1894) Mariner and First Harbour Master for the Colony of Western Australia ‘, the book is published in partnership with the Maritime Heritage Association, an organisation dedicated to preserving and promoting the maritime heritage of Western Australia, and dedicated to…
Get Ready For The 2019 Easter Street Arts Festival in Life, Law & Culture
The Fremantle International Street Arts Festival, renowned for its eclectic array of talented street performers, is on again this year,…
The ‘Pacific Eden’ No More – but Wait, There Is More! in Shipping News
Continuing the explorer theme, four distinguished explorers were shortlisted for the ship’s new name and the travel trade and Columbus…
Christchurch attacks are a stark warning of toxic political environment that allows hate to flourish in Life, Law & Culture
When lives are tragically cut short, it is generally easier to explain the “how” than the “why”. This dark reality…

View from The Hill: A truly inclusive society requires political restraint

Terrible tragedies test leaders to the full. Anyone watching from afar must be impressed with the way in which Jacinda Ardern has dealt with the aftermath of the Christchurch horror. Ardern has kept her shocked population regularly updated, walked the talk in her embrace of the country’s Muslim community, and flagged policy changes in relation to New Zealand’s gun laws. She has radiated deep compassion while publicly holding her emotions under control. Friday’s atrocity would inevitably hit Australians hard, given the two countries’ “family” relationship. But we’ve been dragged much closer to it because the white supremacist perpetrator is an…

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