Fremantle People

Andrew Ryan is a very thoughtful guy who's plainly driven to make music happen, especially in Freo. Ladies and Gentlemen, FSN is pleased to introduce (drum roll) ...Andrew Ryan!
Interview with Dominic Perissinotto
Dominic Perissinotto is yet another Freo connected musician - in his case a highly creative and passionate pipe organist - one of Australia's best.
Interview with Robby Lang
Robby Lang is something of a legend. Hear his story, which takes you from Scotland to California and eventually to Fremantle.
Interview with Professor Timothy Beatley
What might a biophilic city look like, and is Freo such a city? Tim's is a take not to be missed.
Interview with Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith is a very interesting young man. You don't immediately think of AFL footballers as having a strong philanthropic…
The Mayoral Interview | Brad v Ra – Ra v Brad
Last night FSN interviewed the candidates for Fremantle Mayor at a public meeting at The Esplanade Hotel, Freo. We asked…
Interview with Koi Child
Get the low-down on this hard-to-categorise, but amazing fresh Fremantle jazz-hip hop band - fronted by Shannon Cruz Patterson -…
Interview with Ian Strange
Ian Strange is a fascinating young man. When we say 'young', we mean in his mid-30s! He has had an…
Interview with Professor Peter Newman
In the 70s he was a councillor on the City Council. He has been here through Freo's various waves of change.

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