Fremantle People

Interview with Simon Order
It's in the air. Dr Simon Order makes ambient electronic music under the name Liminal Drifter. Here is some of…
Interview with Diane Niyati
Fairy godmothers are not that easy to find, but Fremantle has its own resident fairy godmother - Diane Niyati. Hear Diane tell her story about what makes her, and Freo people, tick. This is recommended listening for Fremantle People of all ages.
Interview with Gillian O’Shaughnessy
Gillian O'Shaughnessy is a real Fremantle person. Since arriving from Bunbury with her sister and mother 42 years ago, she…
Interview with Graeme Henderson
Graeme Henderson should be known as The Shipwreck Detective! He discovered the whereabouts of the Gilt Dragon off the WA coast when he was a 16 year old lad, and in a life spent searching for other wrecks has encountered many.
Interview with Mike Lefroy
Mike is a guy who everyone in Freo seems to know, or know of, and recognize as he cycles or strolls past.
Interview with Andrew Ryan
Andrew Ryan is a very thoughtful guy who's plainly driven to make music happen, especially in Freo. Ladies and Gentlemen, FSN is pleased to introduce (drum roll) ...Andrew Ryan!
Interview with Dominic Perissinotto
Dominic Perissinotto is yet another Freo connected musician - in his case a highly creative and passionate pipe organist - one of Australia's best.
Interview with Robby Lang
Robby Lang is something of a legend. Hear his story, which takes you from Scotland to California and eventually to Fremantle.
Interview with Professor Timothy Beatley
What might a biophilic city look like, and is Freo such a city? Tim's is a take not to be missed.

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