Fine Photography – Wade and Robyn Hughes

Fine Photography is a regular feature on the Shipping News.

This week we introduce Wade and Robyn Hughes.

Wade enjoyed a full life as a photojournalist and with Robyn lived many years abroad before returning to Western Australia.

He recalls his first assignment to the United States opening his eyes to the possibilities of where his passion for his craft could take him.

Robyn didn’t start out in photography but couldn’t avoid being drawn in.

Together they have been here and there pursuing the perfect shot. Alaska, Canada, Indonesia, Tonga, The Azores, Africa, India. You name the place.

Their subjects cover travels, people, continents, and nature.

Most recently, Wade’s underwater monochromes of Whales at home have become his signature picture. And Robyn’s surface shots her’s.

Their recent book Looking for Whales, published by Halstead Press and endorsed by Australian Geographic, is the thinking woman’s and man’s coffee table book.

Here’s the Hughes Website It gives you a flavour of the range of their work.

And here is a gallery of their photographs chosen by them for this feature.

Our eyes fell on the Forest of Whales and the Spirit Bear (Robyn’s), and all of the life under the sea (Wade’s)!

We should add that Wade’s underwater photographs are taken as he free dives, unencumbered by anything but his camera!

Listen now to to our podcast to learn more of Robyn and Wade’s story and the detail of some of the photographs featured in the gallery.

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