So Much Fine Photography!

Hi there Shipping News readers!

We know many, if not all of you, love photography – especially fine photography.

Here’s a recap of the photographers who have featured so far in our Fine Photography section of our Life Law & Culture department.

The photographers are each so talented, and their work is also quite diverse.

As the hours of daylight get shorter and shorter as we near late June, and winter, we are sure you’ll get a deal of pleasure ‘thumbing’ your way through these picture collections!

Dip in and out.

Here’s a mere few of the photographs we featured. Go to the links below to see them all!

And while you’re there, have a listen to the podcast interviews accompanying the spreads to learn even more about the art and philosophy behind the pics.


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Here’s the list so far!

Click on the links and savour the full spreads.

* ANZAC Days years passed, Roger Garwood & Lidia D’Opera
* Kerry Faulkner
* Seng Mah
* Lidia D’Opera
* Brett Leigh Dicks
* Simon Cowling
* Wade and Robyn Hughes
* Deanna Shanahan
* Tony McDonough
* Georgina Barker
* Tony Hewitt
* Nigel Gaunt