The State Of Our Parks

Today we posted a Freo Today pic of an unharvested residential/commercial lot on South Terrace, South Fremantle.

It’s a block that sits idle, and has done so for a long time.

Indeed, we have wondered in the past whether it should be devoted to a public park use by its private owner.

That hasn’t happened yet. Rather, the lot now seems to be developing as a farm lot with a commercial crop of wild oats!

Our harvest story has encouraged Freo resident Ian Ker to draw to our attention the parlous state of two other parks around Freo and Cockburn that are in need of a good harvest.

Here they are, together with Ian’s comments on them and his photographs of their current state.

Beacy Park, McCleery Street, Beaconsfield – signage (and signs of ownership) could do with some attention, too. Small area but definite candidate for community takeover – like Florence Park or a community garden.

Ferguson Park, North Coogee – not sure if this is still Water Corp or if it has been transferred to City of Cockburn. A lot of work went into establishing this corner park (at the corner of Rollinson Road and Bennett Avenue), and a few months ago it looked really good – but definite maintenance fail.

One wonders whether there are others?