Valley Park – WGV

In 1991, the City of Fremantle commenced a project to beautify the land now known as Valley Park and alter the area’s drainage system to minimise flooding.

The layout of the park was the design of Artist David Woodland who worked closely with the local community.

In the years since, other works have been installed at Valley Park, many the creations of local artists, such as Robyn Varpins, and commissioned to enhance its character as a community meeting place.

As you can see, the Park, which is at the corner of Nannine Avenue and Watkins Street, White Gum Valley, is well grassed and well treed (although the Tuart/White Gum is no longer to be seen), with plenty to keep the young and the young at heart amused.

Together with the nearby WGV Orchard, Valley Park makes for a great place to visit, play, picnic or just linger.


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