Little Park on Naylor Street

Parks, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. There’s a park it seems for every day of the week, for all emotions and outlooks, for all needs big and small around Fremantle.

Did you know there is a small modern residential area (based on Fullston Way) in the midst of the light industrial area on the Beaconsfield, east side of Hampton Road, just over from the South Fremantle Market Place shopping centre – and that it has a mini-park?

Well, now you do, if you didn’t! It’s at around where Naylor Street meets Culver Street, top right on this satellite view. (What would we do without sat view?)

By the way, Bernie Naylor, after whom we are guessing Naylor Street was named, was a great South Fremantle Football Club full forward in an era of great full forwards. They didn’t kick any straighter than Bernie.

When you come down from the clouds, to the actual park, you will find his dinky, well-treed, well- maintained, lovely little park!

Credit: Ian Ker

We understand the little park is formally known as Naylor Reserve and is maintained by the City of Fremantle. Maybe we can just call it ‘Bernie’s Park’!

You may need to carry a picnic chair with you, however, if you’re thinking of having morning tea there and would prefer to be seated more conventionally than on the grass.

But otherwise, it’s a park to be savoured on a morning stroll around that part of the world.

It’s nice to see how the urban planners were able to create this little park as the new subdivision arrived.

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