Freo Eats – Gratias

We at the Shipping News are on the culinary move.

We want to list for you the best eats around Fremantle.

To this end, we will rate our experiences out of 5, taking into account ambience, service, and quality of the food.

In particular, we are on the lookout for establishments that take seriously what they do and how they do it.

Gratias, organic plant-based cafe and pizzeria in George Street, East Fremantle, has recently been rescued.

It opened just over 2 years ago, but in the last 3 months has reinvented itself as a purveyor of real organic, GM free, cafe-style food.

If you are vegetarian or vegan, or just love healthy and wholesome food, you will be impressed by the commitment of the owners, Tim, Cathy, Richard and Daisy to serve you tasty food from sustainable, ethical and kind producers.

There are vegan and vegetarian breakfasts, including juices and smoothies; chia and granola cups; cooked breakfasts; and loaded toasts, bruschetta and toasties.

The lunch menu adds pies, wraps, rolls and bowls as well as pizzas, soups and delightfully fresh salads.

Then there’s coffee and cakes and raw treats, and more during the day.

Gratias also offers a small-batch bakery.

Friday night is Pizza Night, with live music.

While not licenced, Gratias is BYO.

Gratias’ casual setting is a clincher. We just loved it. The side and back alfresco and garden areas provide a classic (East) Fremantle ambience. There is good tree shade, but it won’t hurt to bring your hat during the day. Especially when you find yourself relaxing into a longer breakfast or lunch than you had planned, and that your position on the planet has turned much further into the sun than you realised! Or you can sit inside or on George Street.

While we enjoyed a late weekend lunch of two pizzas and a red salad, with kombucha to drink, Chilali & The Chief were playing live music in the garden. Magical. The guitar playing, as their followers know, is both joyous and reflective, the lyrics original and the vocals strong. To add to the moment, the Freo-famous Jean-Guy Lemire accompanied guitar and voice with his pure, sweet harmonica runs. You’d go a long way to find a better musical experience over lunch or dinner. And still be able to converse quietly with your friends.

If you are wanting to eat slowly, in a relaxing spot, with food sourced and made with care and love, by people who believe in making our lives on the planet more healthy and sustainable, and where the noise levels are low, go soon. Take your friends and families. It’s not silver service. But that’s not its aim. You won’t regret it. Hippiness is in the air!

By the way, ‘Gratias’ is from the Latin and, loosely translated, means ‘giving without thought of receiving in return’ or, more literally, gratitude.

You get the idea. Go enjoy it!

Notes on rating: We gave maximum weight to ambience, and a little less for food while the new regime settles Gratias into its new menu and food vibe. The big thing going for Gratias is that it takes its ethical and sustainability mission seriously, and for that reason alone, it rates highly.

Organic plant-based cafe & pizzeria
76b George Street
East Fremantle

0404 241 184

Breakfast and lunch – Wednesday to Sunday 7.30 am to 4 pm
Dinner – Friday nights
Live music – Friday nights and weekends