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Pipe Organ Plus Concert Series 2018 – Win Tickets!
Pipe Organ Plus Concert Series 2018. Concert 4 – For the Fallen - is the last concert for 2018 and…
Tura New Music Amazing Freo Gigs
Founder of Tura New Music, Tos Mahoney is an East Freo local. For 30 years, Tura has been a driving…
Criticism of Western Civilisation isn’t new, it was part of the Enlightenment
Some think Western Civilisation is so under attack it needs to be the subject of special study to preserve it. Another view might be that it is such a resilient culture it can adapt and survive on its own quite nicely.
Freo Gig Guide
The optimal Freo Gig Guide has arrived here on FSN. We have our eyes on the edges, our ears to the ground and our network buzzing to bring you the latest gig news each week.
Newsflash. For most, energy remains affordable
The great electricity debate goes on. We at FSN wonder how many Freo people relate to this research.
Dinosaurs or giraffes?
You can take your pick! Get down to Victoria Quay and watch them in action, day or night. Fremantle is…
Seen around Bathers Beach
Bathers Beach & Fishing Boat harbour are the perfect locations for a lazy sunny afternoon. The place actually belongs to the seagulls, but they allow humans to share it with them at times.
10 Great things to do in Fremantle this week
We've rounded up all the very best things happening in Fremantle this week.
The digital divide: small, social programs can help get seniors online
In Australia, 86% of the population is digitally connected, but older adults who do not have computing skills may miss out on the services and support they require.
TEDx Fremantle
The inaugural TEDx Fremantle event will be held on Sunday 16th September from 3-8pm at the Drill Hall, University of Notre…

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