Freo Gig Guide

Guide to Live Music in Fremantle (From 20 December)

Fri Jingle Jangle Christmas
Sat Soukouss Internationale
Sun Homebrand (Blue single launch)
Mon Wide Open Mic
The Aardvark
Fri Noah Dillon – Summer Party – with / Miraud and Tanaya Harper (band)
Sun Pat Chow Xmas Party
Fremantle Arts Centre
Sun Sunday Music: The Last Fair Deal
The Newport
28th / DEC COMING UP: Classic Sets – Guns n’ Roses + Motley Crue
Helm (fka Creatures Next Door)
Fri Acoustic Musicians
Sat Turn Table DJ
Sun Jazz
The National
Thur Gibbs & Co
Fri Live Solo + Live Band
Sat Live Solo + Live Band
Sun Live Music + Power to the People
Bar Orient
Wed Groove Karaoke
Sun Karaoke
Clancy’s Fishpub
Thur Neil Murray & Lois Olney
Fri The Vibrolators feat Miss Peta Lee
Sat The Strays
Moondyne Joe’s
Fri In The Groove
J Shed
Fri Live Music Fridays

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