Can a Quokka Quack? A Very Freo Book

Jolly Read, a Freo-based author and journalist, has written and produced a quirky kids’ quokka story just in time for Christmas!

If you don’t have the time, unlike Roger & Co, to ferry to Rotto to take selfies with our beloved Quokkas, having this on your kids’ shelves may be the next best thing.

Can A Quokka Quack? is written for children up to 9 years. But like all children’s books, the covert audience is adult!

The story uses a mix of fact and fiction, in rhyming verse, by Jolly, along with wonderful illustrations by Fremantle artist Natasha Lea.

You will get the picture from our accompanying illustrations.

It also uses local Aboriginal names and words for education purposes in both the text and map illustration.

On top of all that, the physical book is a work of art all on its own. It has been totally produced and printed in WA and is 100% recyclable with FSC certified paper (no plastic lamination) and vegetable dye inks for printing.

To buy, at the very fair RRP of $22, contact Jolly Read on or 0439363327.