Fremantle Shipping News is pleased to bring you this podcast interview with Dr Brad Pettitt, The Greens Member Elect of the WA Legislative Council.

As Dr Pettitt explains, he will be sworn in to his new job in late May 2021. Until then he formally remains the Mayor of Fremantle, but on unpaid leave. His Fremantle Council decision making days are therefore over!

The new Greens MLC Elect kindly spoke to our editor, Michael Barker, about leaving behind a long career in local government and embracing a new one in State politics, as well as the challenges of being the only Greens member in the entire State Parliament.

Dr Pettitt identifies some of the issues that will be important to him, and The Greens, in the Parliamentary term ahead, including homelessness and social housing, and improvements in sustainable housing and climate change policy in Western Australia.

If you missed our earlier podcasts with Dr Pettitt while he was the Mayor, here is the first podcast published soon after the launch of the Shipping News 4 years ago, in which Dr Pettitt shares much of his background and motivation to be involved in public life. And here’s the second podcast from nearly a year ago about significant steps taken by the City of Fremantle during his time as Mayor. Finally, here is a very recent report on Dr Pettitt’s election.

Don’t miss this latest must hear podcast with Dr Pettitt.

Here it is!

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