Audio interview with Dr Brad Pettitt, Mayor of City of Fremantle – All the latest!

Three years ago, the Shipping News was pleased to bring our readers, and listeners, an interview with the Mayor, Dr Brad Pettitt by our Editor, Michael Barker. We discussed a wide range of issues confronting Fremantle. If you’d like to catch up with that interview listen here.
Dr Pettitt kindly agreed to speak with us again this week, at a suitable social distance, about all things Freo, things covid, what’s going on around Freo, his impending transition to State politics (assuming he wins a seat in the Upper House of the State Parliament for the Greens at the March 2021 general election, which many think a safe bet), and in light of that move, a little about himself, his ambitions as a Green, and his experiences in local government.
Here’s the interview.