Better Bridge Debate Hots Up!

The Shipping News understands that at the September meeting of the Council of the City of Fremantle tonight, 23 September 2020, Councillor Bryn Jones, one of the North Ward Councillors, will move, as a matter of urgency, that the Council –
(a) supports the numerous community campaigns calling for an immediate pause in the Swan River Crossings process; and 
(b) urgently requests the State Government investigate the broader planning, economic development, urban design and heritage implications and opportunities that would flow from developing an integrated transport plan for the Leighton Peninsula and river crossings taking into account the substantial redevelopment precincts at Port Beach, North & South Quay, and the Cantonment Precinct, and the need to reconnect existing and proposed residential areas in North Fremantle to local centres and foreshores.

In light of The Better Bridge Papers that we have recently published, a resolution by the City of Fremantle in these terms would make eminent sense.

While the State Government has much on its plate, rushing ahead to build a new traffic bridge, without giving a full and proper consideration to the availability of better bridge options, is unseemly to say the least.