The Sustainable Community Club – Intriguing

Well, here’s an intriguing new start-up with an immediate Freo type appeal. It’s being launched this Saturday at the Fib Centre in Blinco Street, Fremantle.

Here’s a bit more about it, along with a short podcast interview with Wafa Lama who explains the aims of The Sustainable Community Club and how it operates.

In short, for an annual fee on joining, the Club collaborates with individuals, local businesses and councils to promote sustainable living and a waste free lifestyle. It aims to equip individuals with tools to learn a pathway to reduce waste and to recycle well.

If you’d like to do more to help the planet, this might be a good way to start doing so.

Wafa is a local Mum who worked in the Oil and Gas industry for 18 years. She quit two years ago to follow her passion: making a difference by creating the Sustainable Community Club.

She’s shared the journey of creating the Club with her daughter Ariaana. They have been working together on it. Wafa is very proud of Ariaana for embracing the waste-free journey and she would like to send the message out there to all Australians to get their kids involved to save the planet for their generation and generations to come.

Much of the current work of the Club involves teaching families and individuals –
* How & where they can purchase unpackaged products
* Make an informative decision to buy products packaged in recyclable materials when they can’t find it unpackaged
* Bring their own containers & reusable bags and
* Recycle 100% right.

At the launch of the Club tomorrow afternoon Wafa will show a 5 minutes short film documenting the journey she and her daughter have taken towards a waste-free lifestyle. They had help from Dean Head in directing the film. Dean is a Hollywood veteran of big budget movies, so expect a great production!

They will be also screening a video of a Club member’s waste-free journey implementing the ‘one change at a time’ campaign that becoming a Club member entails.

For more about the Club, here’s the website.

It’s also on Facebook @The Sustainable Community Club and on Instagram @wafalama.

So get along. Entirely free.

Launch Details

Date and time: Saturday, 7 November 2020 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm (AWST)

Place: Fremantle Fibonacci Centre, 19 Blinco street, Fremantle

Refreshments: Nibbles & drinks will be provided

How to book: Book your free ticket through Eventbrite here.