Forrest Street Banner Project – ‘Something You Need To Hear’

What a crazy, lovely, empowering, thoughtful art experience this project promises to be.

We at the Shipping News love these sorts of immersive projects. Live. In the street. Public art. Community engagement.

So, what’s it all about exactly? Well, 12 Households in Forrest Street, Fremantle, east of Stirling Highway, have been painting and sewing busily to create banners for their homes that respond to the question What Does Our Street Need to Hear?

The answers so far have included statements, questions, drawings, reflections – and a lot of love.

The project is the brainchild of artist Alex Desebrock of Maybe ( ) Together, and is an extension of her practice investigating the question “What Does The World Need to Hear?”

Alex Deselbrock

Maybe ( ) Together has presented works across Australia including Sydney Festival, Perth International Arts Festival, Awesome Festival, and Arts Centre Melbourne. Its touring works include Dear Hope Street, Small Voices Louder, Every Day Super Hero and The Future Postal Service.

“I’m interested in art that intercepts the everyday and uses spaces in unexpected ways to amplify the voices of the lesser heard. This project weaves together my immediate community as I’ve recently moved into this street and from renting to owning”, Alex explains.

“I’m also interested in how and who uses public space. We are turning Forrest St into a walking Art Gallery.”

There will be an Opening Walk at 3pm on Sunday 8 November (starting near 37 Forrest St, at the cul de sac near Stirling Hwy) guided by the artist and community residents.

People are invited to take a walk anytime from 8 November to 5 December and gain an insight into the homes and stories located in the few hundred metres of the ‘gallery’ – a small reflection of our wider community.

To the City of Freo’s credit, the project has been supported by the City through its Arts Grants program.

Key Information
Opening Walk: Sunday 8 November at 3pm, beginning near 37 Forrest St, Fremantle
Banners installed and in place: Sunday 8 November to Saturday 6 December .
Place: The western end of Forrest Street between Stirling Hwy & Coode Street, Fremantle

Podcast interview with Alex & Donna

In anticipation of the opening walk, Michael Barker, the Editor of the Shipping News, spoke to Alex about the motivation for the project, and to Donna, one of the Household participants in the project, about what she hoped it’s outcome might be. Have a listen to our podcast interview here. It’s an interesting discussion. We will be pleased to chat with them again at the end of the display period to discover how it all went!