Places I Love – Castaways Sculpture Exhibition, Rockingham

Words and pictures by Jean Hudson @jeansodyssey

Head down to Rockingham Foreshore to see dragons, bulls, horses, mermaids, dogs, birds and seahorses – all made from recycled and repurposed materials.

Castaways Exhibition celebrates creativity and sustainability, which personally resonated with me.

The main Castaways Sculpture Exhibition is located on the Rockingham Foreshore and Boardwalk with 58 large pieces along the beach, grassed areas and paths.

Beach matting has been placed along the foreshore making it accessible to all visitors. Tactile tours of the exhibition are available with AUSLAN interpreters on hand this Thursday 29 October.

Many of this year’s pieces reflect the current pandemic, which has changed our world:
‘Trogdor the Scrap Dragon (In Isolation)’ by Peter James. A huge dragon made from scrap metal, stands in isolation on the grassy foreshore.

‘Beast of Burden’ by Jake Coghlan. A bull with horns, made from chains with growing plants inside the body, reflects how collective memory correlated with loved experience and shapes identity.

COVID-19 by Carlo Sacchero. This artist was distressed by the impact of COVID-19 on his friends and family in Northern Italy. Standing in the sun, I was reminded of how lucky I am to be in Western Australia while my Irish family and friends return to lockdown.

‘Recovery’ by Carol Clitheroe. This beautiful piece symbolises endurance, change and hope. The blue butterflies encourage people to speak out when doing it tough.

There were funny and whimsical sculptures – a sea dragon made of nuts and bolts and a mermaid in the sand, hauling a bag of rubbish and a horse and foal made of copper wire.

Rockingham Arts Centre on Kent Street has an exhibition of 50, intricate and small-scale artwork. It’s a short walk from the foreshore.

Artwork by Primary School children is located at Churchill Park and on the foreshore. Sculptures are made from old toys, plastic and other materials.

Now in it’s 12th year, this exhibition receives sponsorship from Fremantle Ports, Alcoa Australia, Engie, Water Corporation, Waste Authority and Lions Club of Rockingham.

Rockingham Beach Foreshore has under gone a huge revitalisation, costing $15.7m. The Beach Plaza has become the new civic heart of Rockingham.

There are a range of recreational, cultural and heritage attractions. The Boardwalk has timber terraces and plenty of seating and shade.

The Beach Bowl, a grassed area that slopes down to the beach creates an amphitheater space. There are playgrounds for children and a bicycle repair station.

Don’t miss this much loved exhibition. It runs until 1 November and encourages the concept of recycling with art as its vehicle of communication.

Here’s the website!