We at the Shipping News are on the culinary move.

We want to list for you the best eats around Fremantle.

To this end, we will rate our experiences out of 5, taking into account ambience, service, and quality of the food.

In particular, we are on the lookout for establishments that take seriously what they do and how they do it.

Freo’s stalwart restaurant and top coffee place in the heart of Freo.

You can breakfast from 7 am, lunch from 12 noon to 3 pm, and enjoy dinner from 5 pm through to 10 pm.

And you can coffee with pastries all day.

Gino’s, many locals agree, provides the authentic Freo experience. And they’ve been doing it a good while. Since 1983. Right through the America’s Cup. It’s the premier spot to people and car watch, day or night!

You could be forgiven for thinking Gino’s invented the Flat White. Certainly they have perfected it, as well as all the other ways you might take your coffee.

The ambience at Gino’s is very Freo. Very Italian really. Clean lines. Not fussy. Remind us of a place near Santo Stefano. Focus on service and food.

The service is casual, but efficient.

The food is consistently good trattoria quality, with generous portions and not too expensive. The grills, seafood and homemade pastas are what they do best. And the soups, in season, are great value for money, and a meal in themselves.

Gino’s tolerates diners sharing – just ask for an extra plate.

The wine selection is standard and not overly expensive.

The ambience plus the service and food is what makes Gino’s, Gino’s.

The biggest decision you have to make when you arrive at Gino’s, unless the weather makes it for you, is whether to sit outside, or in. (Shipping News usually sits in. One of those habit things.)

Try to be the one who places your coffee order at the counter so that you can hear the baristas’ wonderful accents and see their artful tattoos.

At the food counter things are a little more sedate!

If you want a coffee and fresh Portugese tart or an enjoyable meal with your loved one, or friends, and want to breath in ‘Freo’, go to Gino’s every time!

Notes on rating: We love the ambience and the proficiency of the staff. Service is prompt. The food is honest and reliable. What would get it an extra half star? Good question. Maybe more homemade desserts!

Gino’s Cafe & Trattoria
1-5 South Terrace

9336 1464