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Have you been wondering lately, as you drive over or under the Old Traffic Bridge, or pedal or walk across or near it, or spy it in the distance from the Port or Stirling Bridge, just what’s going on with its replacement? Well you’re not alone. Many of us have been asking ourselves the same question.

The new bridge project, that goes under the PR title assigned to it by Main Roads WA, Swan River Crossings Project, is apparently progressing.

MRWA advises that planning for the replacement of the Traffic Bridge ‘is progressing with early investigations underway and service relocations set to take place over the coming months.

We are toldGeotechnical site investigations are progressing well and are expected to be complete in the coming weeks.

More information on these works can be found here.

Additionally, we are reminded that the Old Traffic Bridge houses a range of services, including telecommunications, gas, and water which need to be removed from the deteriorating bridge and relocated under the river. Development Approval to undertake this work was granted in late 2022.

Service relocation of the telecommunication and water lines will be completed by a Horizontal Directional Drill, which drills under the riverbed to connect a pipeline to both sides of the river.

Once the pipeline is in place, the service lines will be placed inside the pipe.

ATCO will disconnect gas services, remove them from the existing bridge and activate new connection points north and south of the river.

So, just what will you see in the area sometime soonish?

Service relocation works are scheduled during March through to July 2024.

We can expect to see activity and changes in the area both north and south of the traffic bridge during these works, including –
* Traffic changes on Beach Street, Queen Victoria Street, Tydeman Road, Podger Lane and Swan Street.
* Temporary bus stop relocation to the north of Swan Street on Queen Victoria Street.
* Removal of streetlights along a section of Beach Street and Queen Victoria Street. These will be replaced with temporary solar powered lighting towers.
* Carpark closures north of the traffic bridge.
* Temporary changes to pedestrian and cyclists’ movements on Beach Street and Queen Victoria Street.
* Vegetation clearing both north and south of the Fremantle Traffic Bridge. Clearing will be limited exclusively to the area designated for service relocation works only.

MRWA says procurement of the drill rigs and associated items for these works is being finalised. More information will be provided soon to ensure everyone is notified of upcoming changes in the area. The Shipping News will pass this on once it is to hand.

As previously advised, a Development Application was submitted to the Department of Planning, Land and Heritage for the construction of the new ridge and associated works in December 2023. The Development Application proposes to replace the Old Traffic Bridge with a new bridge that includes four lanes for vehicle traffic, a principal shared path, pedestrian footpath and public realm improvements. This application is currently under assessment by the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage. Further information on it is available here..

If you’d like to learn more about the ‘Fremantle Traffic Bridge Replacement project’, look here.

By Michael Barker, Editor, Fremantle Shipping News


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