The King Is Dead. Long Live The Koort – Walyalup Civic Centre Opens To Public!

Today, 22 November 2021, the brand spanking new Walyalup Civic Centre has opened to we, the public.

While the whole City Administration is yet to move in, the Public Information section and the Library have.

One suspects that the Fremantle Visitors Centre, right next door in the old Town Hall, will be busier than ever.

And the whole Walyalup Koort city square is free to walk, run and delight in again, having been closed off in large part while the building works proceeded, in fits and starts, over the past 4 years.

Kids are already playing in the kids’ playground.

And there are new public toilets just inside the entrance to the civic centre!

Here’s a few images to give you the feel of the Koort first thing this morning.

Then you walk into the Walyalup Civic Centre. The entrance foyer area is extremely welcoming.

The Library precinct is soon upon you and for library lovers, you’ll find it wonderfully inviting with light pouring in.

And then you spot the IT/computer area and beyond it the Over 55 drop in section where you can have a cuppa and a chat with Freo locals.

Have a look!

The whole thing is very Freo. Feels good. Looks good.

It’s had it challenges the redevelopment of the old Kings Sauare and its rebirth as Walyalup Koort, but we have to say – ‘The King is dead. Long live the Koort!’

And folk are already snapping away!

Enjoy it!

* Words and images by Michael Barker