Closure of South Mole makes situation worse – Letter to the Editor

Our article Rave party the last straw – Freo Ports closes South Mole to Campers, has been widely read and shared since it was posted. The Fremantle Ports’ decision has its supporters but questions arise as to why people find it necessary to camp out and where else they can go. In this Letter to the Editor, Michael Packenham, who has no fixed address but currently lives in the Fremantle area, says there is a lack of understanding as to why folk camp out at places like South Mole and it is time to help them rather than punish them rather than making the situation worse. For more South Mole Letters to the Editor look here.

Dear Editor,

Not surprised if this doesn’t get posted because it goes against the movement but it’s disgusting that homeless people are getting fined and treated this way when they have no other place to go. It’s just going to end up being unpaid fines and loss of vehicles and drivers licenses due to suspensions which will turn them to the streets and more tents and worsen the situation.

The reason the plates are all over Australia – Victoria, Queensland, South Australia Tassie, etc – is because they have travelled to find rentals and affordable housing/work and been unsuccessful and forced to stay in places away from general public.

I actually think they are trying to avoid issues and problems and most of them have kids sleeping in cars and can’t afford a caravan park or hostel let alone a rental on their own. The rentals are less the 1% and the government and councils don’t care they just wanna make more money rather then help the situation and profit during this tough time.It just shows the lack of empathy and understanding and assumptions are being made which are false.

These people won’t stop and will move on to other places and sleep out the front of houses beaches parks schools anything to be able to rest and be left alone and if taken to court the magistrate will show empathy and understanding and it will all go downhill fast or escalate and make matters worse.

Grow up and wake up this is not solving the issue or the problem.

Help rather than punish.

Michael Packenham
(No fixed address but current address supplied)


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