The ‘My Home’ Project – Onwards & Upwards!

Recently on the Shipping News we reported on how The ‘My Home’ Project Takes Off.

The story of how Michelle Blakeley came to dream the project to provide homes to the homeless and then to realise it has caught the imagination, and support, of many.

Well, things are now beginning to take shape!

The fabrication and construction of the 18 homes for homeless people, to be erected in North Fremantle, is happening as we speak.

This is the My Home demonstration house. You begin to see what a home for a homeless person will look like.

It uses local timber in fabricated wall, roof and floor cassettes fitted at Offsite’s plant with UPVC double glazed windows, heavy duty insulation, membranes, external cladding and battens ready for internal lining.

Two houses can be delivered flat pack to site for erection in three days.

Michelle Blakeley and her team including Kathleen Gregory and Ben Martin report that all this is the result of a fantastic collaboration of people to produce an enjoyable, embracing space to Passivhaus principles at an incredibly small budget.

They convey their thanks to all concerned –

In particular, the wonderful team at Highbury Homes, Padraic Mellett at Offsite, Brian Guinan from iSmart, Daniel Rose from Ingenuity and all the suppliers who have provided materials and products gratis or at incredibly discounted cost. Thank you.

The demonstration house will be constructed in the Offsite car park and will enable us to fine tune design and construction details as well as introduce the houses to local and State governments, financial contributors, suppliers and anyone interested in housing homeless people and prefabrication.

This is very exciting. We are on our way to delivering housing for homeless people in WA. Thank you to everyone involved in making this a reality.

We can’t wait to see the next steps of the My Home project!

Keep your eyes out for our progress reports!