Latest on Fremantle Highway – ‘Stopped’ with 498 EVs, not 25

Just in case you’re wondering, the present location of Fremantle Highway after she was disabled by a catastrophic onboard fire is not entirely clear to us. Most recent reports have her being towed into waters away from main shipping channels.

Ship tracker Marine Traffic currently describes her as – ‘Stopped’.

Here’s her latest positioning according to Marine Traffic, but this is 3 days old.

We’ve sought advice from K-Line Australia as to her current position and whether the fire has been finally extinguished.

And here’s another telling shot of here in flames supplied courtesy of Marine Traffic.

K-Line, the ship’s operator, has also updated the record explaining the RO-RO was carrying 3,783 vehicles, all of them new, including 498 EVs – not the 25 mentioned in early media reports.

Here’s a statement issued by K-Line on the fire –

* By Michael Barker, Editor, Fremantle Shipping News


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