Some Light Relief – Your Answers To the Question, ‘It’s Sold, But Who’s The Buyer?’

Every now and then Facebook does what Mark Zuckerberg may originally have had in mind – provides a lovely medium perfectly designed for social networking.

And to share humour.

Here’s a wonderful, representative selection of your comments from Facebook on our Shipping News story posted last Thursday afternoon breaking the news that the iconic, heritage registered South Fremantle Power Station has been sold, but the identity of the buyer is still under wraps because Synergy considers such information ‘commercial in confidence’.

These comments responded to our question – It’s Sold, But Who’s the Buyer?


I have longed to see the back end to this desolate building God willing we have something good come for our beautiful city of Fremantle

Please renovate into Art Gallery, Restaurants and Public open space🤞🤞🤞

Cockburn Fibonacci Centre😊

Hillsong funded by a federal government grant🤨

Ikea south of the River…finally 🤣🤣

Mark McGowan bought it. Plans to turn it into a quarantine facility sometime in 2025 following his opening of the border

I’ve always found that building fascinating. I hope at least part of it is made into public space.

Hopefully an Australian with our great country at heart 🇦🇺 ❤️

Oh it’s gonna end up as a Coles 😎

Probably Twiggy

My guess is to make submarines or some government funded project

Sounds like a secret overseas buyer who wants to remain anonymous so they can demolish it on the sneek

Sum1 Wif Fecking DEEP pockets. ?

I reckon an aged care provider

Hopefully the buyer turns it into perths first good club!

Crypto miners

if it’s been sold in mystery then 100% guaranteed it won’t be for the best benefit of the community. Private development for unaffordable housing. profits, profits and more profits. Hope I’m wrong

It was H.E Pennypacker, wealthy industrialist, philanthropist and bicyclist.

Maybe Clive bought it just to give us all the shits!

Nuclear waste site

I bought it.
Turning it into the biggest nightclub in the world, capacity of 15,000 people.
With fresh from the ocean filtered salt water inside swimming pool, water slides, wave pool.
Also due to no noise restrictions a 190 decibel sound system, you should hear from Fremantle, and firework shows every night.

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