The Hyundai Glovis Vessels

We have all seen the pictures of the Golden Ray, a Hyundai Glovis vehicle carrier, or RO-RO, that has just capsized off the coast of the US State of Georgia. What a sight. You don’t often get to see what’s under the top of a RO-RO!

We in Fremantle have seen another Glovis vessel, the Glovis Caravel, in port earlier this year. Here she is, from our January In Port shot, in all her glory, beautifully snapped by our roving photographer, Deanna Shanahan.

The Hyundai Glovis company, of South Korea, is a biggie. Hyundai Glovis’ main business areas in South Korea and internationally are finished vehicles distribution by RO-RO or Roll-on/roll-off ocean shipping, air transportation, inland truck transportation, logistics consulting, storage, and packaging services, as well as supply chain management services. Since 2011, the company has launched an auto parts recycling business, named “OnECO,” that mainly consists of distribution of reused and remanufactured auto parts.
The company fleet includes 55 Pure Car and Trucks carriers and 36 bulk carrier ships, deployed on 13 different service routes globally, specialized in the maritime transport and distribution of cargo such as automobiles, trucks, trailers, Mafi roll trailers, heavy construction machineries and further types of rolling freight.

Thought you, our loyal readers, might like to know!