Exhibition ‘Trust’ at Kidogo Arthouse

Eitan Friedman’s one-man jewellery and paintings exhibition opened last Thursday night and closes this Wednesday night, at Kidogo, at Bathers Beach, so get along soon before it’s too late!

The jewellery has the feeling of something not only made by a skilled artisan, as it has been, but also of things made a long time ago, which is not quite so as Eitan made it all recently! Mostly in silver but also in gold, the rings and necklaces are quite beautiful; and would make perfect gifts with THAT season nearly upon us. Many have realised this and only a few pieces remain.

Eitan’s paintings are in oils, watercolours and tempera. Each has its charms, from streets scenes in Portugal, from his recent art tour there, to the local coast, including South Beach, and then there are the nudes. His use of rich colours and sensitive settings gives his work mesmeric qualities.

Eitan’s personal story, from his early life in Israel to his discovery of Fremantle, and his journey as an artist are as fascinating as his art. Eitan kindly spoke to FSN about himself and the pieces in this exhibition.

You can listen to our interview with Eitan below.