Interview with Dr Ed Fethers – Freo’s Voice of Sailing

Dr Ed Fethers is well known as the Voice of Sailing in Western Australia.

He could also be titled Dr Sailing. But that might be confusing because Ed is also a Dr Doctor, who has been practicing as a GP around Fremantle for many years.

Ed also has his own radio show, Let’s Go Sailing on 91.3 FM where he gives a weekly wrap on local, national & international sailing with interviews, roving reports and information on a range of interesting and useful sailing topics.

Ed’s sailing adventures, especially as a member of the media, have taken him around the world.

We were lucky recently to lure Dr Ed Fethers into our Fremantle Shipping News studio to talk all things Ed, Fremantle, and sailing and to make this podcast with our editor, Michael Barker.


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Here’s the PODCAST – enjoy!