Fremantle People

Interview with Professor Peter Newman
In the 70s he was a councillor on the City Council. He has been here through Freo's various waves of change.
Interview with Lucky Oceans
Lucky talks about his career, his music, and what makes Fremantle the music town it is.
Interview with Marcus Beilby
Marcus Beilby, well known Fremantle and Australian photo-realist artist, kindly agreed to talk to FSN
Interview with Phillip Stevens
The wonderfully outgoing Fremantle music industry personality Phillip Stevens, well known as the  manager of John Butler, and the Waifs;…
Interview with Lynne Jones and Lyn DiCiero from Soroptomists International Fremantle
Interview with Lynne and Lyn about Soroptomists International Fremantle and the Help The Homeless Art Auction on June 17.
Interview with Ronelle Brossard
Ronelle Brossard is a household name to many in and around Fremantle, you can hear her wonderful story as told to FSN.
Interview with Melissa Parke
Melissa Parke, the high profile member for Fremantle in the House of Representatives in Canberra from 2007 until her retirement from active politics at the general election in May 2016, talks to FSN about her time in politics.
Interview with Ric and Kat Longley
Ric and Kat Longley give us their insightful account of an ever-changing Fremantle, in which their deep love of Fremantle shines through.
Interview with Nancy Fiocco
Mrs Fiocco has lived all her adult life in Fremantle, where she has seen her own children and grandchildren grow up.