Freo Grooves

Well, we know that. But here’s proof!

In their book, Freo Groove: Musicians of Fremantle published by UWA Publishing, to be launched this Thursday night, 26 July 2018 at The Navy Club, High Street, Fremantle during Hidden Treasures, Bill Lawrie and Claire Moodie write about the last 70 years of Freo music .

With compelling photographs by Jeff Atkinson and Matt Clifton, the authors tell the story from the vantage point of some 31 Freo-connected musicians, including (to mention but a few of the illustrious many) Jim Fisher, Lucky Oceans, John Butler, The Jam Tarts, The Waifs, Abby May, Kevin Parker and Stella Donnelly.

This is a book for the ages. More than something for the coffee table, but that too, it will both educate the interested reader and add to the aficionado’s store of knowledge about the Freo music scene.

It’s hard to believe the book hasn’t been written before now. Let’s hope there are companion volumes to follow recording the life and times of those musicians who couldn’t be squeezed into this one.

Listen here to Bill, Claire and Jeff discussing their masterpiece with FSN.