After The Game v GWS Giants – With Grumbles

Fremantle v GWS Giants – Round 14
Match report by Grumbles filling in for Snaps Truly

In a phrase, Alphabet Football

This was the game where Freo was meant to show that last week v the Tigers was an aberration.

Well, not to be. 70 points not to be.

What Freo served up today was alphabet football.

A for Awful
B for Bloody awful
C for Cataclysmically awful
D for Demoralisingly awful
E for Exasperatingly awful
F for F F F F …Forgettably awful

You get the idea.

I’ll let you complete the alphabet. I’ve lost all interest.

G for
H for
I for
J for
K for
L for
M for
N for
O for
P for
Q for
R for
S for
T for
U for
V for
W for
X for
Y for
Z for

Last week I signed off by saying there’s always next week. This week I’m not so sure.

I’m checking in with Snaps to see if there are any places still vacant in the Dockers Reeducation Camp. Doesn’t matter if it’s not Italy. Anywhere will do…

* By Grumbles standing in for Snaps Truly who is currently on compassionate leave in Italy. One suspects he may stay there after this result.

** In case you missed Snaps’ and Grumbles’ earlier match reports, here they are.


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