Learn How To Reduce Your Home Waste – For Free

Many of you will recall our story and podcast interview with Wafa Lama about her intriguing start-up, The Sustainable Community Club.

If you missed it, here it is again.

Well , Wafa has a new course starting on Saturday 3 July, and it’s supported by the City of Fremantle.

The program is a trial supported by the City of Fremantle to help it shape the information the City provides to the community and participants will be asked to complete a bin audit as well as a survey. The course is valued at $100 per individual or $150 per household but is offered FREE for up to 15 households. There are also prizes and start-up packs. You can register below.

It’s an eight-week waste education course designed to help you learn how to reduce their waste in the home.

The course covers how to monitor and audit waste, change habits and shift mindsets on different food groups, cooking, cleaning products and how to measure success, all in under 10 minutes per week. It combines online and in person activities and support.

By signing up, you will also be able to access to discounts to The Sustainable Community Club partners including Kakula’s Sister, Eco Refill Station and Green Bars and excursions to Fremantle Recycling Centre and processing plant for FOGO and recycling bins.

Email mowto register your interest.

Don’t delay.

It’ll be great fun!