After The Game With Gerry ‘Gero’ Robertson – Dave Mundy Lives!

Freo by 13.
At quarter time Dogs 5.5 Freo 0.1
Then down by 41 in the 2nd
A finals exit was imminent
Then a win for the ages

A Nightmare on Elm Street turns into Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

What looked like it was going to be a short sharp elimination final appearance by the Mighty Freo Dockers turned into something else.

Agony turned into ecstasy.

Pain into glory.

The umpires into heroes, well, not quite. But you get the idea.

Sensational transformation.

Freddie’s run and tackle jarring the ball free and into the arms of Sonny in the last was perhaps the climax of the night.

And what a night.

What a win.

Dave Mundy lives.

Caleb Serong was strong all night.

Andy B MVP, right there too.

Darc ever present.

After the first quarter all were present and correct.

Then the Lobbstar turned up.

And Blake Acres returned to his best.

Aishy always at it.

Jordan Clark has had such a season. Great with ball in hand.

Alex ‘The General’ Pearce controlled things down back.

Luke Ryan really got going as the game got longer.

And Youngy played the game of his life.

Shooter looked shot at the end.

Switter too.

Jye Amiss entered from left of stage, did what the coach asked of him and wowed the fans with his marking and (all but one of) his kicks!

Everyone put in.

Did I mention Sonny? 3.3 to his name. Mr Everywhere all night, up front down back.

And did I mention Drizz’s goal? Not his favourite pocket – he prefers them in the other with a greater degree of difficulty – but still a beauty. The sealer.

And Dave Mundy lives. Did I mention that already? The Great Man was in everything. Was not going to let this one slip, and didn’t. Now he’s off to the G. Two games from the Big Dance.

Nearly 59,000, mostly Freo, fans rejoiced in the comeback. Roared with every goal, and point, and at every centre bounce as a win began to seem possible.

Everyone dared to dream.

A game to savour, a game to remember. A win never to be forgotten.

And well coached, coaches. Great work.

Now to the G. Let’s remind the Pies and their fans that things are never quite as black and white as they may seem.

Keep daring to dream.

Go Freo!

See you next week after the Pies.


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