The Latest on the Closed Port Pedestrian Overpass

This week a CLOSED sign went up on the pedestrian overpass from and to Fremantle Passenger Terminal near Captain Munchies.

We asked the PTA – the Public Transport Authority – what was going on. Here’s their response –

The Public Transport Authority’s number one priority is the safety of our passengers, and of anyone else who uses our infrastructure.

Following inspection of the Parry Street pedestrian overpass the PTA, in consultation with Fremantle Ports, made the decision to close the bridge in July 2022 to manage known structural risks and allow for further structural investigations.

Fremantle Ports supplies a free shuttle bus service between the passenger terminal and Fremantle town centre/Fremantle Station on days when there are cruise ships berthed. Most cruise passengers use this free shuttle service or taxi/private vehicles at the cruise terminal.

If travelling between the terminal and Fremantle on foot, people can still use the at-grade railway crossing south-west of Fremantle Station.

If travelling between the terminal and north of Fremantle’s town centre on foot, there is passenger access at the Beach Street/Peter Hughes Drive underpass.’

As to when the ‘structural investigations’ will be completed and what they might show and when we can expect the overpass to be reopened we can’t tell you. But we’ll continue to ask the PTA.

While you’re here –

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