Train noise a ‘cost of doing business’ – Letter to the Editor

The articleContainer transport or 20 More Years of Broken Sleep has struck a chord, but not everyone is as concerned as ‘Dueller’ by noise associated with port activities. In this Letter to the Editor, Ed Lowe says such noise is a ‘cost of doing business’

Dear Editor,

I have a couple of comments about the recent article about the noise and other annoyances caused by the container trains in Fremantle.

If you live in central Fremantle, as I do, then the noise made by the port activities are a “cost of doing business”. The port has been in operation for longer than anyone currently living near it has been alive, so no-one can claim to be surprised by it.

When we bought our apartment in Beach Street a couple of years ago we had to sign a statement acknowledging that there was noise from the 24 hour operation of the port.

Personally, I am seldom disturbed by the container trains, or the suburban trains, which are not much quieter by-the-way.

We get used to the normal noises around us, although I am sometimes annoyed by the car enthusiasts who drive up and down Beach Street in modified cars with a decibel level far greater than their IQs.

Let me finish with a plea to the relevant authorities, do not erect sound barriers next to the railway through central Fremantle. That would be a visual atrocity.

Ed Lowe (address supplied)


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