What A Great Story – The Variety 4WD Adventure Fundraiser

Variety WA is The Children’s Charity that raises funds for kids in need. One of the Charity’s great fundraising events is the Variety 4WD Adventure. In this article, Daryn Bungey, a Freo local, chats with our Editor, Michael Barker, about the great Adventure.

Hi Daryn, I’ve been looking through these pretty flash photographs. Is the very dusty 4WD with the number plate DAZNASH yours?

It is. It’s our treasured Hilux that we use to fundraise for Variety, The Children’s Charity, to help kids who are sick, disadvantaged or disabled where there’s no government help. 

Where was the pic taken and what exactly were you doing there?

It was taken at Warrawagine Station, which is east of Marble Bar and borders the Great Sandy Desert. It was one of the places we travelled through with a convoy of over 40 4WDs.

This looks like a photo of all 40 + 4WDs?

It is. All of the 4WDs and event attendees gathered together on the bank of a water way on Warrawagine Station. Great shot isn’t it?

It is. Tell me more about the great Adventure!

Well, each year the Variety Adventure 4WD fundraising event commences anywhere between Broome and Esperance and travels through different places, stopping off at schools or communities that have applied for a grant, for example.

So, the fundraising – how does that work?

The Adventure 4WD event is made up of lots of 4WD teams who spend the year fundraising for Variety. On top of the fundraising, where all proceeds go to Variety WA, we each pay all of our own costs to participate. The event is a celebration of all of the hard work we’ve done collectively during the year and a fantastic opportunity to be part of something that is making a difference.

Daryn, I can see stickers all over your Hilux in these pics proudly pronouncing the Variety WA 4WD Adventure. Where do the stickers come into it all?

You’ll notice they display business logos. They honour the businesses who have donated goods and services to us that we raffle, auction or sell to the highest offer to raise funds. Basically, we sell space in return for their great contributions in kind. 

Daryn, how did you personally become involved in all this?

My involvement was the culmination of several things. My eldest daughter is involved in another Variety event and I knew about the Variety Bash; and I have a son who became a tetraplegic and I spent many hours in his rehab centre. In the process, you become all too aware that there are huge gaps in government support, particularly for kids, so all of these pieces fitted together and clicked. When I read about the Variety Adventure 4WD on social media, I signed up to get involved.

If Freo folk and others would like to become involved, like you have, what should they do?

There are several ways to become involved. First step is to contact Variety WA here. Or for the various events go here. Then follow the links or phone 9355 3655.

Variety has been around a while, Daryn. What is its mission these days?

Sadly, the need Variety seeks to meet is growing, so the work Variety WA does is more and more important to ensure no child is left behind. Individuals, schools and communities can apply to be considered for grants.  Whether the request is for a scholarship for a disadvantaged student, or a device to help a non-verbal child communicate, or for a playground that allows all kids to have fun regardless of their ability to participate and be included it will be considered. In fact there are a range of Variety WA Community Grants now open. Have a look at them.

There’s a lovely photo here Daryn, of you alongside a sweet young lady. Nice pic. What’s the story?

It happened by coincidence actually. Last year’s Adventure 4WD event commenced in Karratha and finished 7 days later at Cheela Plains Station. We don’t know the itinerary or anything we’ll be doing until the day it happens or the day before. On the way through the Adventure, we overnighted in Port Hedland where it happens my granddaughter Peyton lives. To my surprise I found out that the school we were giving a grant to – Baler Primary School – was the school Peyton attends. So I got to take her to school along with all of the others in the event – which made it all just that extra bit special.

And what’s happening in this pic?

It’s a photo of the Baler Primary School principal accepting the cheque with the group of highest fundraisers. 

Daryn, speaking of fundraising, I love the QR code on the bonnet. How does that work?

The QR code is the link to the official Variety Adventure 4WD fundraiser for anyone interested in giving us a hand and making a tax deductible donation. Just hover the camera function on your smartphone over the QR code and all will be revealed!

Do you mind if I ask how your fundraising went last year?

Last year we raised $14,500. To participate in the Adventure 4WD, returning cars need to raise a minimum of $6000. The targets are important because, as a charitable organisation with a lot of demand, the more raised means the more can be done to help kids. 

Daryn, I’m sure that many folk around Freo and beyond will want to make a donation of money, goods or services to your Variety 4WD Adventure fundraiser this year. Can you explain how they should go about giving, one way or another?

Sure, they can use either our QR code which will take them directly to our Variety WA Adventure 4WD Car 313 page or use this donations link and follow the steps. Folks can also email me at d.bungey1@gmail.com and I’ll be able to point them in the right direction. And if people would like to they can also join us on our Facebook page by using this QR code.


Daryn, it’s been great talking to you about the Adventure. Fantastic work you all do. Last Q. Any idea where you’ll be 4WDriving this year?

It’s a secret, of course, but this year the event starts In Esperance and concludes in Kalgoorlie!

Thanks for chatting, Daryn. I reckon you’ll have a few extra folks arriving in their 4WDs this year. Good luck!


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