Stunning Coral Princess Arrives In Freo North West Bound

The stunning Coral Princess, of the Princess Cruises/Carnival line and which sails under the flag of Bermuda, arrived in Fremantle Harbour just before 7 am this morning. She departs again around 4 pm this afternoon.

Coral Princess arriving Fremantle 6 March 2023. Credit Fremantle Shipping News

She’s a ‘turnaround ship’ which means most passengers will either embark or disembark the ship in Freo, as a new cruise begins.

There’ll be around 1,715 passengers disembarking – some of whom have unfortunately been sidelined on the cruise due to Covid – and some 1,925 embarking passengers heading out on the new cruise – hopefully all Covid free.

The crew make up another 847.

Here’s a few more shots of Coral Princess arriving this morning. By the way, that bird is a Night heron!

The embarking passengers will commence a 10 day Fremantle to Fremantle via the North West cruise that has a delightfully peaceful sounding itinerary –

* Day 1 – Departure from Freo at around 4 pm.
* Day 2 – At sea.
* Day 3 – Exmouth.
* Day 4 – At sea.
* Day 5 – Broome.
* Day 6 – Kuri Bay,
* Day 7 – ‘Kimberley’.
* Day 8 – At sea.
* Day 9 – At sea.
* Day 10 – Geraldton.
* Day 11 – Back to Freo.

Coral Princess last visited Freo on 28 October 2022. She was then about halfway through a 28 day Around Australia cruise out of Sydney. In case you missed our Shipping Correspondent Jean Hudson’s story on the Coral Princess then, with all the facts and stats, here it is again.

Tonight’s new cruise should be a lot of fun!


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