After The Game – With Gerry ‘Gero’ Robertson – #2 vs Suns

Suns by 6 goals.

13 on the ladder pummels 2.

Well, the less said the better, the Bard once suggested.

If it wasn’t the Bard then it was someone who has previously seen Freo Dockers lead their fans to the top of the mountain, show them the view, and then disappear without trace leaving the fans to find their own way home.

What a disaster.

Mind you, as I was sitting there wondering what, in all honesty, a football scribe, even one with Mark Duffield’s literary prowess, could possibly say about this Dockers’ performance, the learned Editor of the Shipping News phoned through to say not to forget to report his warning in TWE – The Weekly Edition – on Friday. As it transpires, he was right to say he was ‘wary’ of the Suns. And perhaps he was also right in suggesting Freo needed to bring Nathan back early.

Anyway, a quick text came though from JL immediately after the Suns snapped the first goal of the last quarter asking if I had any ideas for his after the game interview.

Not really, I replied. Perhaps you can blame it on the Liberal Party’s election launch being held in Brisbane on the same day. Or because the sun rises over the ocean over there. Or Covid. Or a long plane flight. Or because Nathan and Sonny weren’t playing.

In the end, I said you’re better sticking with the tried and sort of true.

A week’s a long time in football. I reminded JL.

Beaten by a better side on the day. I also offered.

And – Yes, too many boys seemed to think we only had to turn up.

Also, to their Credit the Suns lads were more desperate to get their hands on the footy first.

As well as these.

We don’t have any excuses, but they certainly handled the greasy ball much better than we did.

We lacked application at various times, failed to show the grit and determination the fans expect.

The boys let themselves down at important stages of the game with basic skill errors.

In the end though, I have to say one is reminded what a leveller sport is. In a two horse race, anything’s possible. And well done to the Suns for knocking over the more fancied Dockers.

Mal Brown’s coaching advice when things were wet and tough – actually at most times – was that if it looks like a footy, kick it. Instead, the Freo boys seemed to assume someone else, possibly the opposition, would pick up the ball in a contest, and they would then negotiate with them when they did. Usually it was the Suns who picked up the ball, they weren’t interested in negotiating, and they went forward quickly and, as often as not, snapped truly.

It’ll be a long flight home.

Hardly anyone in the Freo camp can hold their head high.

Even the ever so reliable Shooter wasn’t.

Jordan Clark was up and about at times, but that last quarter clanger undid most of his good work.

Strangely, our much vaunted midfield was routed.

And our defenders seem to have been reading all the good press about their impregnability, and forgot how to defend.

So far as the forwards were concerned, the less said the better.

There’s always next week.

But expect a few changes.

See you next week.


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