The Freo Candidates – Podcast with Cathy Gavranich, AusFedParty

Freo doesn’t do things by halves, including when there’s a call for political candidates to stand at an election.

At the upcoming Federal Election on 21 May, we have 10 declared candidates, yes 10, for the Federal seat of Fremantle.

In the order they will appear on your ballot papers, they are –

1. Ben Tilbury (GAP)
2. Sam Wainwright (SA)
3. Cathy Gavranich (AFP)
4. Josh Wilson (ALP)
5. Stella Jinman (UAP)
6. Bill Koul (LP)
7. Felicity Townsend (GRN)
8. Yan Loh (LDP)
9. Janetia Knapp (WAP)
10. William Edgar (ON).

And we’re busy interviewing them about just why they’re running.

Our editor, Michael Barker has already podcast interviewed Yan Loh of the LibDems, number 8 on the list, Sam Wainwright of the Socialist Alliance, number 2 on the list, Felicity Townsend of The Greens, number 7 on the list, Josh Wilson MP Labor and number 4 on the list, and Stella Jinman, UAP, number 5 on the list.

Here’s Michael Barker’s latest podcast interview with Cathy Gavranich of the AusFedParty, number 3 on the list.

Keep an eye out for more Freo Candidate podcasts – coming soon!

* By Michael Barker, Editor, Fremantle Shipping News

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Here’s the podcast.