Interview With Georgia Richter, Fremantle Press

It plainly was time to interview Georgia Richter.

She is the publisher and editor at Fremantle Press, and has been since 2008. And she is responsible for the reading lives of so many of us!

She’s the woman with the awesome responsibility of selecting the great books Fremantle Press publishes and then doubles up as the fiction, narrative non-fiction and poetry editor.

We wanted to learn how it all works, what a publisher and editor does, and how come Georgia Richter, a ‘tothersider originally from Melbourne, got this dream job in Freo in 2008!

As it transpires, Georgia started out wanting to be a writer, but found herself studying law as well. Not always a bad career move, but not one Georgia relished. At that stage she didn’t know that people actually had day jobs as editors. Anyway that’s where she now is, and loving it.

And she has become a writer too!

With Deborah Hunn, Georgia has just written, and Fremantle Press has just published, How To Be An Author: The Business of Being a Writer in Australia.

It’s a book that every aspiring writer will want to get their hands on, and read, and read before they start their magnum opus.

You can buy How To Be An Author at a good bookstore near you, or from all the usual digital and hard copy outlets, or though Fremantle Press just by hitting this link.

Georgia Richter kindly agreed to speak with our editor, Michael Barker, about her career, about publishing and editing books, and about her and Deborah Hunn’s book.

Here’s the podcast. Enjoy!