Interview with Michael Piu, CEO of St Pat’s

Everyone knows St Pat’s!

And its CEO is Michael Piu.

St Pat’s – it’s full name being St Pat’s Community Support Centre – is a major charitable organisation focussed on helping the homeless, those at risk of being homeless and the disadvantaged around Freo and beyond.

St Pat’s started up around 50 years ago, but in recent years has grown almost exponentially.

Key services St Pat’s provides include –
* emergency relief;
* housing (crisis and transitional accommodation);
* meals;
* a day centre providing social activities; and
* welfare and essential health provision.

St Pat’s primary aim is to promote social inclusion and self worth and help people to return to independent living, a safe environment and a better quality of life.

Our editor, Michael Barker, was extremely fortunate to catch up with Michael Piu this week to discuss St Pat’s history, it’s mission, the scope of its services in Freo and beyond, the challenges of addressing homelessness, and how the Freo community helps support St Pat’s mission in material ways through volunteer work and financial donations.

Here’s our most informative podcast interview with Michael Piu.

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