Child’s Play – Spinning Liminally Right Now!

By Michael Barker

5 mins 53 secs. That’s the length of Liminal Drifter’s new single, Child’s Play that has been released today. Yes, TODAY.

Why 5:53 and not say 5:59, I can’t say.

But I can say, having listened to the whole 5:53, that I loved it. This sort of music plays on the ‘chill charts’ for good reason. You are thoroughly chilled throughout. And left in an harmonious state of being afterwards!

If I were a small child, setting out learning the ropes – as indeed, I must confess, I once was – I’d love to have this track piped into my bedroom around 5:30 each morning, just to set the scene.

What I might do after that, I’m not sure. Possibly my Mandarin lessons, followed by a quick visit to the playroom for some Lego mechanics exercises, before mixing granola and yoghurt for Mother and Father.

But you don’t need to be so small to enjoy and relax, and contemplate, things to this music by this exceptional electronica music man.

Liminal Drifter himself

As you know, we enthused wildly over the Drifter’s last chart topping album, Connected. As have other critics who know much more about the genre than we do.

This one, Child’s Play is a single right now, but the EP is coming, we are assured, later this year.

You’ll find Child’s Play on many platforms, including –
*iTunes/Apple Music
*Amazon Australia

Here it is from Soundcloud: