Interview With Su Groome

This week, as part of our continuing Governing Freo-style interview series, we are pleased to bring you our interview with Su Groome, one of the two East ward members of the City of Fremantle Council.

Su was elected in 2019, one of three newly minted Councillors last year. Her term finishes in 2023.

Su is a member of the Council’s Planning committee and Strategic planning and transport committee.

Su originally hailed from t’otherside of our wide, brown, sunburned land, before arriving in Freo and, like the rest of us, falling in love with our community.

With a background as an architect, Su has great experience in the provision of affordable and sustainable housing in many parts of Australia.

As she explains in the interview below, she also has a strong belief in the power of community engagement in the process of local government decision-making.

Here’s the podcast interview our Editor, Michael Barker, recently conducted with Su Groome.