Impact100 Fremantle & CircusWA – Another Freo success story

Remember the sheer joy as a child when the circus came to town? The good news is CircusWA lives in our wonderful and vibrant City of Fremantle and has done so for almost thirty years. Since 2017, their training and development centre has been in the Freo Big Top on Adelaide Street.

Circus WA is an NFP – a not for profit – circus, allowing it to be community focused and able to train up to 400 students each year. CircusWA is doing more than developing the art form, it is a creatively engaging community where everyone is welcome: diversity and difference are actively embraced and everyone is encouraged to be themselves and dream big.

Circus is a powerful agent for social change by promoting resilience, self-confidence, self-efficacy and the ability to work well in a team. CircusWA’s programming is focused on delivering opportunities and benefits to their priority groups – youth artists, Aboriginal youth, and youth living with disabilities. These three focus groups are integrated through pathways that ensure development in safe spaces while developing productions in new and exciting ways.

CircusWA exists to support the development and growth of the professional circus sector while opening their training programs for everyone to enjoy. They have helped launch the careers of many circus artists who perform nationally and internationally. The relationship between the professional artists and CircusWA’s training program is inextricably linked ensuring a whole and dynamic circus community is sustaining and dynamic.

In 2022, CircusWA were the winners of the Impact100 Fremantle $100,000.00 grant, which enabled them to launch their Academy program. This program continues to run and is nurturing local talent through exchange programs with local and national circus training and unique performance outcomes.

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Jo Smith (with part of DEFENDO an exhibition of new work by Amy Perejuan-Capone.)

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