The World

We feel attached. Can’t let go. She’s such a beauty, and while she doesn’t seem to care that much about us at the Shipping News, we are quite forlorn without her. The World, she means nearly everything to us.
Enough. We’re over her.
So where is she now, you ask?
Answer: steaming to Gibraltar and due to spy the Rock in a day or two.
In our previous report she was headed for the Suez.
And if, like us, you were worried she was all alone in a vast sea, with no one to hear a mayday call, rest easy. She’s surrounded by vessels so many she can’t possibly get lost or even sink.
Here she is. Look at the marine traffic all about.
We haven’t checked, but there’s a good chance a lot of the others are tankers full of cheap crude doing circles around Africa waiting for the price of oil to go up.
Until our next report on the yacht we really can’t do without, keen boating!
And just to remind you of why we are so taken with her, here’s our much earlier report.