The World – Big ‘Yacht’ Now In Port

A pretentious name.
Even more pretentiously, she’s sometimes called a yacht. Like the old Royal Britannia.
But by all accounts those who can afford a residence on board this floating extravaganza probably collectively own a fair portion of the planet’s wealth and so can claim naming rights.
To get an insiders look at The World have a gander at this recent article in Forbes.
As you’ll see, Covid-19 is a non discriminatory virus and even a ‘yacht’ chartered by the ultra-rich is not immune from it.
Seems all passengers must now disembark and find their way to wherever before perhaps rejoining the ship. Cape Town maybe.
In the meantime, it appears our Margaret River wine region may be the beneficiary of the lay over as the 200 or so passengers from The World find other things to do.
By the way, normally there are more crew than passengers on this vessel – 280 v 200.