Fancy Cruisers Crash Esperance On Way To Freo

FSN’s head photographer, Deanna Shanahan, is in Esperance getting the low down on the fancy cruise ships heading Fremantle’s way.
Deanna captured  the AIDAaura as this pretty passenger ship arrived off Esperance on Wednesday morning, 8 January. See Deanna’s beautiful accompanying snaps.

It was a hazy morning, possibly from the fires at Cape Le Grand where 38,500 hectares have recently been burned.

AIDAaura left Esperance for Freo Wednesday night, and will arrive at Freo Friday morning at 0500hrs.
She wasn’t berthed right in Port at Esperance, so the little yellow boats, pictured, ferried passengers to town and back.
The old Esperance tanker jetty features in one of these shots.
By the way the AIDAaura is the third ship operated by the German cruise line AIDACruises. She was built in 2003 by the German Aker MTW in Wismar, and is identical to AIDAvita.
Aura and Vita.  Hmmn. Interesting names. Cruises for the emotionally together, one supposes, as indeed this company video rather suggests.
The cruise ship Vasco da Gama is close behind the AIDAaura, arriving at Esperance Thursday morning. She used to be the Pacific Eden but has been ‘rebadged’ with a much better name!