Take the Fremantle Shipping News Covid-19 Survey Today

Take our peer-reviewed survey today and email your further questions to us here.
Best extra questions will be posted.  Here are your 20 questions. Your time starts now.
  1. If you live alone, are you slowly going mad under the Covid-19 Stage 3 isolation rules?
  2. If you don’t live alone, are you slowly going mad under the Covid-19 Stage 3 isolation rules?
  3. How often do you manage to arise in the morning before 11.30 am?
  4. At what time of the afternoon do you usually abandon your pajamas and move to day dress?
  5. If you don’t live alone, have others in your household commented lately on your declining dress standards?
  6. If you live alone, have you looked in the mirror lately to check out your attire?
  7. Apart from Cocopops, cornflakes, bread, hot cross buns, sausages, pasta, rice, potatoes, peas and Tim Tams, what are your favourite Covid treats?
  8. How many cups of tea/coffee/coconut milk turmeric latte do you usually consume in a day?
  9. How many times a day is not too few a number of times a day to vacuum your home -7?
  10. When you see a leaf fall to the ground in your garden, do you let it lie there for more, or less, than 3 minutes before (with your gloves on) collecting it?
  11. After donning their day dress, for the first time that day, on average how many times a day thereafter does your partner change their outfit?
  12. After your third glass of alcoholic beverage of an evening, do you wait 5/10/15 minutes before having another?
  13. Do you complete the daily crossword/jigsaw before or after consuming alcoholic beverages?
  14. Do you find your crossword/jigsaw completion rate improves depending on when you completed it?
  15. Is it permissible to recommence binge-watching Breaking Bad (for the third time) before 2.30 pm of an afternoon?
  16. How many months (and should there be an apostrophe after that ‘s’?) supply of the proverbial T-Rolls do you still have?
  17. Are you sure your supply is adequate?
  18. Are you really sure you have enough?
  19. Have you, just occasionally, deep down, in a place where no one else can see, secretly cheered on Donald Trump for proclaiming it’d all be over by Easter?
  20. Oh no, you haven’t have you?